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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. Listen to your gut. It may have started out innocently enough, but he's obviously attracted to her, or he wouldn't have noticed her distress. He enjoys being with her. Enjoys looking at her. Enjoys being seen with her. It's a huge stroke for his ego , that may progress to other strokes. This is not an appropriate friendship, nor is it appropriate to put someone else above your spouse's comfort. It's sounding like an emotional affair, at minimum. At minimum. Ask him if he feels this friendship is more important than your marriage. If that doesn't put it into perspective for him, you have your answer

  2. Really? Defamation of TWO coworkers? Thats crazy.

    Yeah cutting them out completely would be needed, your husband's friend is crazy for staying with a wife that wanted to cheat so badly she caused this commotion!

  3. I really don’t know why he’s so upset about it, I thought it was just a joke, and a joke he started! No one took it negatively except him.

  4. My job isn’t to convince you. You need to want to know and that sadly isn’t happening.

    Well this is the end for me explaining God to the godless.

    Consider actually learning what you are ignoring before it’s to late. The answers are there but not with your mindset. I tried my best to motivate you to seek it out.

  5. In fairness, everyone is only “an option” to anyone they're dating, because obviously someone can leave a relationship at any point they so choose. But the guy just isn't ready for a serious relationship. That doesn't mean you have to wait around until he is able to commit. Just that you can't force someone who's reticent about commitment to make commitments.

  6. You're totally right. It was more of a general tip from a middle aged woman, for the younger ladies of the world – hoping to undo some of the sexism of years past! Lol

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