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  1. Just straight up ask him how he plans to cover his costs tomorrow. Or grow a pair and tell him to gtfo. What you allow is what will continue, and you’re allowing this by doing nothing.

  2. You guys need at least 6 full months of therapy for you to even consider letting her come back. She doesn’t get to waltz in and out of the relationship, have her flings and go then come back like nothing happened. You need to process this, you need the truth , you need an apology and her rebuilding the trust. She was kissing someone else, she cheated. If she can’t be honest then you really need to figure out if this relationship is worth saving

  3. I would warn her to stop. If she pushes back, shame her publicly on social media, which is essentially an intervention. That will end your relationship but save the poor cat.

  4. Give him a break. Unless he is the sort of person who ordinarily plans things weeks in advance, getting into a restaurant on V-day (or buying flowers that aren't outrageously priced) is out of the question.

  5. If she asks politely tell her “What happened when we weren't a couple is if no concern to you.” If she says she deserves to know tell her the same thing again.

    She broke up with you. What happened during that time is not her business.

    I personally don't get the idea if a “break”. You are just avoiding the problem and it will never get fixed

  6. Yeah he prob shouldve communicated that his plabs changed. I hate it when people make me wait up. Its not like it takes much effort.

    Even my best friends do that and i give them an earful about it.

    Also what is sneaky link? Is that like hide the sausage?

  7. Stop pushing her to talk about things. She needs to get undepressed first or you're just barking up the wrong tree. Try to get her to consider antidepressants or therapy. Remind her, gently, that alcohol is a bad choice for someone already prone to depression.

    I don't think she wants to be alone. Just be patient with her, along with the suggestions of the previous paragraph.

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