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Date: October 4, 2022

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  1. Not to he a pessimist, but is there any chance that he could be deleting the messages? From how close they seem to be in what she shares on social media I just don't think I could buy that they're not at least sending each other memes.

  2. I stopped going to counseling because he was lying to our therapist who happens to see his mother and brother and also be my fiancés personal therapist and I felt like I was wasting money and driving myself crazy paying for a babysitter to come every week to have a one sided therapy session where my fiancé talked about work, complained about our children, and would not be honest with the doctor about our situation.

  3. The way to make this easier is to imagine your PAID college tuition every time you look at her or interact with her.

    She is the key to getting a free ride so fake play nice with her.

    And be extra kind when your dad is around. Pick up muffins for all 3 of you. Do NICE things that he will see. Invite her out to get your nails done in front of him.

    She is your ticket to paid tuition.

    I did this fake shit with my parent.

    Never text or say anything negative until you graduate. She may be recording you.

    Let dad help you get an apartment after graduation.

    AFTER all the papers are signed on a new place and you have a job where you are financially stable… then you can just stop returning his calls.

  4. Keeping his own home clean isnt an act of service, it's part of being an adult. This isn't about his love languages, it's about him stepping up and acting like an adult, partner, and father instead of trying to shove everything off on you so he can pretend he's contributing by “watching TV and just holding the baby”.

  5. Shit.. tell him you have video of him taking the money. He wont know. And either pay it back or the police will deal with it.

  6. I actually understand what you're saying. He's too good now, not the man you first met (which he's never going to be again). But he's putting an awful lot of pressure on himself and it's like walking on eggshells at a certain point.

  7. That means she needs to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t mind not living together. Which may not be you, but that’s okay. As you stated that’s not what you want.

  8. Think of this as a golden opportunity.

    DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES WHATSOEVER agree to ANY division of assets proposed by your partner.

    What I would personally do is take my half of the business NOW, be it by forcing a sale or being bought out – I would not delay it for the future under any circumstances whatsoever. Once his new partner is in town he may choose to do very differently. You should secure your assets RIGHT NOW.

    Tell your children the truth, they're old enough.

    Tell your ex that you will only communicate through lawyers now, none of this bullshit about coming over to make breakfast and play pretend.

    You have to be stone cold now. Let this other woman have your sloppy seconds, AFTER you extract every single thing you are owed out of your marriage.

    And then… online your best life.

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