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Date: September 22, 2022

9 thoughts on “angiemcqueen

  1. Does your boyfriend even like you? Because wow. That is the worst accusation I have ever heard. And I would only say that about someone if I thought the worst of them or hated seeing happy.

  2. When I spiralled into depression, I noticed the biggest form of disconnect in my life was the numbness. The lack of being able to feel and enjoy things like I had before.

    If you want to reconnect with yourself, maybe try what I did. I stimulated my senses to try and connect with my physical body again. Things like eating new foods, jumping in cold water, listening to the birds at the park, receiving hugs from family. I forced my body to feel.

    A great activity to do that helps is write down each of your senses, and then what you love and want more of in your life in that area. What things do you want to be seeing, hearing, tasting etc on a daily basis? What sensory experience do you want in your day to day? If you knew you’d lose that sense forever, what things would you want to enjoy one last time? Then try incorporating it into your life.

    An example is

    Sight – more sunrises, my family’s smiling faces, plants, nature and animals, dogs playing at the park

    Sound – live! music, birds singing, my car starting up, hearing my loved ones tell me they love me, heavy rain

    Touch – good quality clothing, hugs from family and friends, cuddles with my cat or dog, wet grass on my toes, soft skin

    You get the idea. I hope this helps. I know how you must be feeling turbulent and lost to the wind. But there is grounding here if you’re willing to give it a shot. Try just one thing for each of your senses that you do each week.

    Helped me a lot to get in touch with myself and learn how to feel again. I did things that reminded me of other happy memories. Like baking bread to fill the house with the smell because it reminds me of baking with my mother as a child and the smell makes me happy.

  3. Please, OP….don't talk yourself into a life of cognitive dissonance.

    If she's not sure of her feelings, you need to be sure of yours. Leave a relationship that is half assed/wishy washy/back and forth.

    Some people are addicted to controlling others with their own agenda using people as placeholders until something “better” comes along.

    Know your worth and move on to someone who knows that they care about you as more than a friend. If she did, you wouldn't be wondering.

    When someone loves you OP, you KNOW it. They're not wishy washy about it.

  4. Without telling me, he has been maxing credit cards to deposit money into our joint account. He is over 80k in debt and i had no idea.

    Talk to a lawyer ASAP and start the divorce proceedings NOW.

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