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Date: September 28, 2022

11 thoughts on “Anny-foster live! webcams for YOU!

  1. Well for one, stop asking questions you don’t want the answer to.

    As for body issues, there’s no magic bullet. It sounds like your insecurities run pretty deep (the constant comparing is rough). Therapy is the obvious answer, but I’m sure there’s other self help stuff too.

    Your bf sounds pretty great. Please don’t ask these types of questions and sabotage your own relationship.

  2. No. You have had two break ups in two years and resolved nothing. Time won’t fix this.

    You don’t trust her and you know her feelings are not solid for you.

    Use this as inspiration that you can find close relationships but you need the right one.

  3. i’m going through the same shit. except one is 13 and one is fucking 17!. they need to realize they don’t own you, & you can hangout with who ever you please lol

  4. It's possible to be supportive and encouraging without pointing out his faults. The car thing is instinctive to yell watch out when about to get in an accident. As long as it was instant reflex and not harping on it.

    Correcting his posture is over the top controlling. He isn't your child to correct. Support and encourage but do not correct or criticize. From what you posted he is dealing with enough stress without you adding to it.

  5. Yeah, it definitely doesn't feel like I have a great life with her cause I value sex as 50% of the relationship. My reasoning behind that might be a little flawed. I say 50% because I don't share that with anyone else. I love my best friend and my family just just as much, if not more, than her on the day to day but like I said, the difference between my best friend or my family is the intimate part of the relationship that I only share with her. At least in my eyes, that's the biggest difference between those relationships, and that's why I value that part so highly.

  6. Honestly not really, just my coworkers. ??‍♀️ those I did have just fell off after graduation and most of my time is spent with my grandma, while I love her, she even agrees I need friends outside of her and my bf.

  7. This is definitely a red flag situation. Now he’s got two kids? No way on earth I’m signing up to deal with two kids with different mothers!

  8. I’ll be honest – I have cheated before and I 100000% would never do it again. The thought makes me recoil and tbh I have almost ptsd from the fact I hurt someone so badly. My current partner can trust me, and does trust me, but it took time. I know I will never do it again but my partner can only learn to trust me with time. The same goes here.

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