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Date: October 1, 2022

13 thoughts on “Asheraa on-line webcams for YOU!

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  2. Time is the only true way to know if someone is the one for you sadly. It's natural on some level to have doubts and concerns. Talk with him about your feelings and be honest and open .

    Also don't compare yourself in any aspect to social media it's all fake, and people just posting only the good moments. Beyond that gift giving is part of love language that's more natural/instinctive for some than others. Perhaps you both need to better learn his love language and he needs to better understand your needs. And how the two can relate better.

    If he's not interested or willing on this end, he's not the one. Good luck.

  3. It’s pretty normal for adults to bring their own utensils to work and take them home daily.

    If the office doesn’t provide refreshments, each person should provide their own.

  4. I've said this before it's a red flag for most people, myself included. If a guy I like has a girl best friend, he's automatically off limits to me because I have not met a person with a best friend of the opposite gender that hasn't hooked up with or at least harbored any feelings for them. The girl/guy usually becomes a nuisance in the relationship, for instance, being rude, always calling him to hang out and excluding the partner, flirting with the SO, etc. And the SO usually allows this behavior and excuses it as them being “protective” and saying they're “just friends”. It's simply not worth it.

  5. Be prepared to leave if you have to. You can't force someone to 'love' or even respect you if they have mentally checked out.

    Does he have depression? Do you suspect he is either emotionally or actually cheating with this co-worker?

    If you live! together, separate your finances. Get your important documents together. Do you have a family member or trusted friend you could line up to stay with?

    Please know that there are lots of really kind, emotionally available, and caring men out there. This man of your is not the only specimen on the planet.

    Decide what you need to stay in this relationship. Honesty? Intimacy? Respect? Date night once a week? Ask him if he can do this for you. If he's not sure, you have your answer. Sorry.

  6. Man. You're 3 months into this relationship and she's already being immature and giving you the silent treatment for liking the content that you like on your social media. She's also invasive and stalks your profile to see what you like. She should grow up before dating.

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