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Date: September 30, 2022

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  1. I’m really sorry this happened to you. I’m so glad you’re okay and out of this experience. However, I genuinely feel like this is different. What that guy did to you was actually aggressive, and from what it explains here, it just seems like absolute cluelessness from someone who is pretty fragile. No offense to her, I also bruise pretty darn easy. Dragging you multiple feet on a rainy pavement without feeling the weight of your body falling is actually just cruel and sadistic. He knew, honey. But this guy just seems big and clueless. I’ve sat on people’s feet/hands before, elbowed people, and bumped people pretty nude, but even as a fairly burly female I can’t hurt someone the way a 6’+ 400 lb man can without knowing.

  2. OP this is a bad sign. I would walk away from this person and not entertain him in any way. You should be respected in every way. Good luck and best wishes

  3. Great question. I have loved many. Um, things pop up. Little things grow into big things. A little irritation. Sleeping issues. Clothes choice. Word choice. Swearing choice. Online choice. Family issues. Friends interfering. Jealousy. I am a patient man. I try hot to be so. But some things just fall apart, crumble and disappear into the seas of unlove. When it works, fire, trumpets, skin on skin, wow, yells and screams and boom baby boom, but when it does not, the dark clouds of confusion lay heavy on the shelter you call home. I hope this paints a picture for you. The sadness is the loss of her touch, her smell, her little laugh, the way she washes herself in the shower when you are brushing your teeth, y'know little things, like that. Yeah. Sorry.

  4. Yeah, but she doesn’t have to be married to or be around him romantically while he behaves like that that’s beyond reproach. Trust me, it will have an impact.

  5. All the red flags:

    Age difference

    He can’t get his own gun (what legal shit did he get into)

    He can’t take no for an answer

    He doesn’t accept your boundary of not doing this for him

    He doesn’t care if his tone gives you anxiety, he still pushes to manipulate you

  6. Can you have a quiet word with a superior and ask them to observe what he does and tell him it’s inappropriate.

  7. Parents who are married and who go out in public playing grab ass with random people don’t have the right to call themselves good parents.

    A good parent who sees their child having a panic attack when they are getting ready to go out for a booty call don’t follow through with said booty call.

    Good parents know that their child’s mental health and welfare come before their own sexual desires.

  8. Reading all the rest of you comments, I think you are an amazing, loving and giving person – I really do mean it! I mean, carrying for someone that apparently does not care for you, working naked to support both of you, doing chores around the house and also being considered of his feelings. You deserve so much better than someone who just leaches of you.

  9. Thank you, that's an important point to think about. The house I bought is a 3 bdrm 1200 sq ft house, and he's already mentioned wanting to sell it to upgrade to something much nicer when it's not his and we wouldn't be able to afford it. So I know that once we do move in together he's not going to want to budget and live! within our means the way I'm accustomed to. I like my house and worked very very hot to renovate it on my own, I wouldn't add debt to sell and upgrade.

  10. The thought of going out separate ways scares the hell out of me. No idea where’s I’d live or where the kids would on-line. It’s not an unhappy environment at home but I just feel so empty and unwanted.

  11. Lol ok, so you included that but we weren't supposed to comment on it?

    On second thought, leave the sister alone. You're toxic.

  12. “Yeah. Look, you aren’t invited this time because you don’t respect my relationship and it’s bad enough she can’t be here.” – what the inconsiderate BF should have said the the trifling “friend.”

  13. FYI having her uterus removed isn't going to automatically make her enjoy sex. It has an impact on hormones, oestrogen drops right down and you're effectively thrown straight into menopause. It's up to her but an IUD such as the Mirena is reportedly an effective way to manage endo fir many women.

  14. why are you dating an abuser, out of curiosity? i feel like that's the main issue here and not that he's still living with his ex girlfriend (who he also abuses)

  15. well she's in her last year of college and she wants to be a teacher in elementary school, she's working with children currently and it seems that she is handling that quite well.. shes not always angry, it's quite random but unreasonable…

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