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  1. Reading this post makes me furious and I can't tell if it's from how i was raised or because I now have a daughter.

    u/Purple_Masterpiece27 your dad's being irrational as fuck and failing in a task that should have been simple if he was more educated and respectful of women. And as a dad, I'm sorry you don't get support for this especially as traumatizing as puberty can be in general. It's going to be really naked for him to one day wake up or have an “AHA” moment and be a better dad it seems. And as very hot as this is, I think you're starting to realize that with your dad you're going to have to start managing expectations you have for him and how he will treat you.

    And I mean manage expectations in the sense not to make excuses for him but to make sure how he treats you doesn't keep damaging you. It's so that you don't take how he treats you, or belittles you, and turn it inwards and suffer thru self-doubt or harm and all that. Ideallly if you have school counselors or referrals I suggest trying to talk to someone that will keep your confidence.

    To head it off in the mean time, ask your step mom or another adult to help you buy pads in bulk and keep them stashed and hidden away in your bedroom. This can help keep his anger/irrationality out of it and you also have a supply available for emergencies and can manage going forward.

    Also, have you talked to your doctor and/or begun seeing a gynecologist? If you haven't seen one or had those appointments then that's a conversation that is going to be ridiculously tough but you need to have with your father or step-mom. You should have at least seen yours by now (hopefully) so that they can verify not only your periods but address any concerns you have with yours. They may have options especially if your period is harder on you than it seems it is for your friends.

    Sorry he's making this so nude for you.

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  3. Question- thrush is generally considered an oral infection. I know sometimes in countries outside the US, sometimes people refer to yeast infections as thrush. So were her symptoms throat related? Because if so, it's highly unlikely she was tested orally for gonorrhea. Have you ever been tested? You say you haven't slept with anyone else but never mention if you have have a negative test.

  4. Damn. I was afraid that I was being to blunt and jumping to the gun with this situation, but you HAVE talked to him and said all that, I think you should take it up a bit. Hes probably not gonna leave and will let this continue to spiral until something bigger happens. So indtead of that big thing being a negative, let that big thing be a positive. Let that big thing be YOU, dude. Sit him down again and again if you have to, and tell him you actually KNOW. Tell him that she is a bad person. Tell him you know how she is taking advantage of him. Push into doing something about his situation. Tell him it will get better if he removes her from his life. Tell him shes draining him and you can NOTICE. Hes worth more than this, man

  5. You should never ask a person to apologize, the person should understand their wrongdoing right after the fact and initiate apology on their own.

  6. The world is unkind to people who chose their spouses over their children but sure make it a mother issue

  7. I'm not though. you had several years of life on her. high school partying and college partying are different things entirely

  8. That could be a possibility if the wife is doing this consisisntantly maybe the friend started to feel bad and this was the only tangible evidence she had to give to OP.

  9. It would more if we buy gift, the ones from me wouldn't have Santa on them, but his and others such as ones sent in from grandparents or aunts can absolutely say Santa on them. I personally will not promote it. Another comment explained how they did it and I want to follow by what he said.

  10. “You’re abusive, insecure, and immature I’m breaking up with you.” That’s how you should respond to the situation now before he takes it further.

  11. Yeah, I think after marriage the calculation changes but before that you're not obligation to keep taking care of someone or be connected to them romantically if you're no longer feeling it. It doesn't matter if the reason they're no longer meeting your needs is their fault or not.

    Now, you may love someone enough that it makes it worth it to stay with them through unenjoyable challenges, so I'm not advocating that people bail at the first sign of adversity, but I would hate so much finding out that my relationship was a net negative for my partner or was missing an essential component for romantic love and that he was staying with me out of guilt.

    Not to mention that he was never active duty military so he probably doesn't have PTSD or anything. Sure, he could be depressed, but he could also just not care about certain things when he's not being forced to care about them. That's a legitimate position for him to take and also legitimate for her to not be attracted to, though if her issue is primarily the weight gain then that's a risk in nearly any case and I don't know how she's going to handle any long term relationship.

  12. I didn't think you did. A lot of people are making assumptions, or imagine you stewing in silent resentment instead of processing, just because they can't imagine needing time to process. But what you describe here isn't abnormal, and days (if it's really a matter of days) isn't an unreasonable time frame at all.

    Just keep bringing the conversation back to your issue when you communicate. Even if you there's something wrong with your timing, bringing up the issue at that time still is deflecting from what the point of the conversation is supposed to be about. You can tell her you can address it again later, but you need to address your issue first.

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