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Date: September 26, 2022

7 thoughts on “Candyboobies on-line webcams for YOU!

  1. I’d suggest to her an idea that you come up with that would be better suited for getting to know her sister, mention that you’d like her to be present for that, and express/be insistent that you’d be much more comfortable taking a friend on this outing.

    If she still won’t take no for an answer I’d draw a naked boundary and if she can’t accept that boundary then you’ll have a glimpse into how she handles things that are bigger issues.

  2. Clearly he’s not respecting your decision to wait for sex so why are you still wanting to put effort in? You’re 10 years younger than him too and I’m sure you got with him because you think you can fix him and make him feel better. It’s very common for women to do but drug addicts so severe like this cant be present for a relationship. He’s got a bunch of shit to deal with already that most likely you aren’t gonna be a priority for him like we clearly see here. You don’t deserve a relationship like this. You deserve someone who will listen and be present and is mentally well for a relationship.

  3. Sounds like he needs to grow up. If you were clear about it being an experiment, then he shouldn't be mad that you found out before either of you slept with anyone else.

    Honestly, it's better to know now than after.

    Maybe instead of seeing other people, you both try putting that effort into reviving your relationship.

    Maybe try swinging or swapping if sex between you is the main issue.

  4. I was unblocked. I did meet him, and he was at the bar. We talked for a few hours, just the three of us.

  5. I think it’s best you two needs counseling, individually and as a couple as it sounds like you both have been cheated on in the past, and no doubt also insecure with each other.

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