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Date: October 1, 2022

9 thoughts on “BeautifulNaomi on-line sex chats for YOU!

  1. Inappropriate. The catch-all word that has come to mean nothing at all. I think you people won't be happy until every single human interaction is overseen and judged by an HR department.

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  3. If you have to have the other person manage your emotions to ask a simple question, that's a gigantic red flag against you, not them.

  4. You know why he's doing that.. because he is aware that you are insecure about your body. This has nothing to do with your “flaws” and everything to do with squashing your self esteem to the point that you feel like you can't do any better.

    YOU CAN DO BETTER. You can do much much better. There are men out there that would worship your body – flaws an all. There are men who will lift you up with words instead of trying to drag you down. Is this guys dick made of gold or something?

    What you got there is a big raging red flag.. and it starts off with poking at your insecurities and then gaslighting you when your feelings get hurt.. then it moves to full on insults and threats.. and gaslighting you… to telling you that he's the best you could ever do and that no one would want you…and it will keep escalating. He'll push your boundaries.. and then gaslight you when you try to stand up for yourself. And to many times it eventually leads to full on physical abuse.

    Don't' give him another min of your time, don't budge another inch of boundaries.. End it, walk away, block his ass, and treat yourself to some counseling. Because it sounds like you need to learn how to love yourself first so that you can better know what a healthy relationship looks like. You owe that to yourself, you owe that to your future.

  5. I was just on a dating app. There are still guys who don't want kids. I think you would have no problem finding someone who doesn't want any.

    I don't blame you. I have one. And she's now a young teen. I don't want to start all over again and the thought of it makes me anxious. I got her to where I needed her to be.

  6. Please listen to everyone and just walk away now. She's insecure and jealous of a picture! How do you think she's going to escalate around real women? This is abusive behavior. Please recognize it as such.

    When you're on your phone and she wants your attention that second is she going to grab your phone and throw it across the room? She's always going to find a way to justify what she's doing. She doesn't respect you. Break up and tell your friends and family if she starts harassing you.

  7. Because females also have kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra, whereas males don’t have a uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, etc….

  8. Leave. This isn’t just him. “Teachers are pedos” is a long-running attack on educators that is part of the larger right-wing culture war. The whole pedophile line of attack is just to attack teachers, their unions, LGBT folks, and generally anyone they disagree with. Because once you’ve established that all these people are pedophiles, it is okay to take away their rights. Your boyfriend is accusing you of something disgusting based on nothing and it is part of an attempt to control you. I would bet that he’s well on his way down the hate rabbit hole. It starts with a little Joe Rogan and Ben Shapiro, then maybe some bitcoin enthusiasm, some gamergate-type opinions, next thing you know he’s on 4chan posting anti-Semitic memes and he’s a Nazi. Don’t fuck Nazis.

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