Hilary Tyler


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Date: September 20, 2022

6 thoughts on “Hilary Tyler

  1. By the way, Im absolutely fine with them not wanting to be friends anymore. I just think i would feel better with closure on the situation.

  2. Yeah, he’s fixing to become a passport bro. Let him go. They all learn eventually that this mystical soft spoken submissive wife they looking for has left this whole realm behind since the 50s and she ain’t coming back.

  3. I dont know you, but just say it to her face. Yes, its tough. That is life.

    Not trying to be ageist but youre 31 and do not know how to say no. Time for you to do some work on that or else you will potentially always be pushed over for others desires in lieu of your own.

  4. And what exactly did she mean by this……….Would you be willing to discuss things if her preference changes

    Does that mean if she decides she is back to wanting sex she may no longer be satisfied with just you?

    Man I would already be gone!

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