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Date: September 21, 2022

12 thoughts on “HornyGirl1473

  1. I mean we are in morals and how we see things. He's just on the opposite side of emotions. Which is off putting. I believe maybe it would be a healthier relationship if we learn each other better. We do both work and he's pursuing a career and I will be my own as well. I'm trying to see what happens and I had a talk with him the other day and I think maybe things will change but if they don't I will have to let him go. I can see where you are coming from

  2. I would be very reluctant in being with someone so financially entangled with their ex, nevermind talking about buying a house with them.

    I met my husband when he was going through an amicable divorce with his ex wide and mother of his child too, so I am generally pretty understanding

  3. I think you should do some looking into Trauma Bonding first and foremost; your attachment with one another sounds unhealthy and is something that would need to be worked on in order for either of you to enter a healthy relationship with someone, even if not each other.

  4. In my relationship her friends are mine and vice versa mostly, and definitely my best friends. She knows that any of my best friends would drop things if she needed help and none of her friends could.

    I would set a boundary with him about her because I fully believe their relationship is at worst borderline inappropriate. After that the ball is in his court, if he doesn't want to respect your boundary then you should respect yourself and get out of there before its a much worst break up down the line.

  5. It’s not a deal breaker. But yes I feel I should have had a say in this decision.

    There’s actually been a lot of compromise over the years. Always to suit whatever wacky things she wants to do. On our first date and initially we both hated tattoos. I still do. She’d talk about how ugly they were. She didn’t have any. Now she has six. I had to accept that to keep being with her but I still find them repulsive.

    This dog is going to tie her down to her house and stress her out. It will always be on her (and mine when I online with her) mind. It will become part of her personality (again, it never was before).

    Meanwhile I’ve always remained on a consistent course, I haven’t asked her to accept anything new, I’m stayed on the same path. And all this drama about us disagreeing I’ve always seen as self-inflicted issues. If she hadn’t done any of this we’d be nowhere near breaking up. But she has and now we are. Idk.

  6. Yeah that timeline is horrible for both parties. If this ex is more of the assumption they are separated to work things out, get some space etc which is not at all uncommon then she would indeed be devastated and make things difficult. If OP is rebound then that would be revealed by him having to choose sides and then again sucks for both parties. How this man would move in with someone new directly after a 9 year long relationship is wither absolutely vile or he needs somewhere to crash. In mho

  7. Dude. Break == Break up. It's going to hurt whether you accept it now, or 1 month from now.

    Find your self respect, tell her you're done and process it for yourself.

    Slowly pulling the band-aid off is never better than a quick yank.

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