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  1. Sweetie, I am so sorry about this. However, this is not your problem to solve. This is a mental health crisis and you absolutely cannot attempt to solve it. Your dad needs to be more proactive about getting her help. This is not on you and you should not feel responsible for what is happening. I know this is nude to understand but she needs professional help. Best wishes.

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  3. Except she was having difficult conversations with him! She just cried during them. I don't understand why people always assume crying is a manipulation tactic when this woman clearly cries very easily. It's much more understandable to cry during an argument, especially after he humiliated her in front of her friends just for embellishing a funny story, than it is to cry over commercials or whatever. It just sounds like he only wants her to have emotions when they're not inconveniencing him.

  4. I feel the need to get something off my chest maybe once a month, so it's not a deal breaker. It's something I have never experienced outside of our relationship so attempting to get a better understanding here.

  5. It’s time for some big sister advice:

    This sounds exhausting. Aren’t you exhausted by this? Because I’m tired just thinking about it.

    There is no relationship. He doesn’t want anything but sex from you. Why are you trying to be a better person for someone who only wants you around for sex?

    I am honestly flabbergasted that you are in your late twenties and falling for this “I have love for you but my partners gotta earn love from me cause I don’t give it out.” I am positively flummoxed that you are wasting your time on this man.

    I’m going to hazard a guess and say it’s easier to work on making yourself a version of a “better person” for him than really putting in the work to be a better person for your own sake. But if you really work on liking yourself as you are, you’d realize that you don’t need this emotionally unavailable trash. You deserve better, sis. You are better than this.

  6. You need to sit down with your bf and have an adult conversation on expectations in your relationship. Will he cut off his parents if they are cruel to you and don't accept you? What religion, if any, would the children be raised in? Will he expect to have his parents come live! with you when they are older and need help? Can you online with two people in your home who don't accept you? A MIL who might be a JNMIL? Will he stand up to them on your behalf?

    The parents sound lie very strict Muslims with the rule about dating being forbidden and disapproving of you. These are all red flags.

  7. Even worse logic somehow

    Shows your biases and ignorance. For example there are large communities of Orthodox Jews that maintain far more conservative views on women than mainstream Islam or Christianity. Why aren’t you generalizing them the same way?

    Is especially strange – the United States is probably the worst violator of human rights in the entire world, and is run like a patriarchal theocracy, while still maintaining a veil of separation between church and state. Religions certainly contribute to the issues , but your perspective is naive. Do you really think the patriarchy would crumble if all abrahamic religions suddenly disappeared?

    Also, it’s genuinely insane to claim that “not a single” Muslim who was raised in a Muslim majority country is capable of having a relationship that is not abusive by your enlightened standards. Claiming inherent moral superiority over a whole range of cultures about which you really don’t know a whole lot is quite the display of arrogance, almost a caricature of a specifically toxic American attitude

  8. oh come on no one will notice, I'll be cheering for you from here ???

    it's a shame these two events are on the same day – if it were me (and I love my crazy sister) I'd try to do both even if it was just popping into the wedding for post ceremony drinks and pictures. but I'd not, under any circumstances, skip my graduation party.

  9. Your relationship is dead. The fact that marriage is no longer an option, you prefer to attend social events alone and she has not only not stopped communicating with this guy but took deliberate measures to hide this from you …what motivates you to continue living this lie? Shared property and mutual friends or family?

    Starting over seems daunting but make the right choice. She clearly is living her life…what about you?

  10. Another Bisexual person here, just bcuz shes doing this with other girls doesnt mean its not cheating. Its cheating no matter the gender, u need to break up with her and kick her out.

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