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10 thoughts on “betty_xoxolive sex stripping with Live HD

  1. She is likely fetishizing you. Her marriage isn't your business – maybe they have an open relationship – but she isn't your friend if she is not respecting your “no”.

  2. Protein shakes and weights mate. Eat up, lift everyday. You'll gain muscle mass. I promise.

    You may not get huge, but you'll get bigger. It may also up your testosterone. Physical activities do that, so it could literally put a little hair on your chest.

    Other than that. Just be you. Fuck styling yourself on others. You're good enough. Learn everyday; Exercise everyday. Enjoy having a young family & a wife that loves you.

    All this external shit will pass, don't let it eat you up. Work on you and don't compare yourself to others, just your past self.

    Good luck mate.

  3. Jesus Christ—OP said she JUST found out about it. Give her a fucking second to deal with this devastating news before attacking her and saying she’s “making it all about her”.

  4. Ew. Just ew.

    Amd I'm not talking about your girlfriend's fantasy.

    I'm talking about you.

    You need therapy as in asap.

    You're pathetic.

  5. You say he works 80-90 hours a week. He is probably emotionally and mentally spent and just doesn’t have the energy or time for a relationship. It’s naked to hear and accept but unfortunately it’s how he feels. I’d just give him space and see if after a little bit he reaches out. Otherwise, I’d just live your life and see what happens.

  6. You are not taking her on trips, and she's pissed. She doesn't give a fck about you or that your mother is dying. Either you do what she wants or you are a problem.

    Trust me, she's got a full life of her own going on wherever she is.

    Do you send her money?

    If you are you need to stop looking at this as an emotional relationship, and start seeing it for what it is, a business relationship.

    There are plenty of people that will give you everything you need for money, don't be t he fool who's just being played.

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