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  1. Please remember to breathe. Try to think in terms of “the next 10 minutes”. It’s going to take you awhile to make long term plans again. Your world is rocked right now. “In the next 10mins, I will eat something healthy/drink water/breathe”.

    What you’re going through absolutely, 100% sucks. There are so many guys on here that have gone through similar heartbreak and it’s the worst feeling in the world. Just know you’ll get better but it’s a process. You don’t need to “grow balls”… you’re human and you had a relationship where the trust is now destroyed. Breathe, know you will be okay, your kids love you. Get that lawyer, find that therapist (asap), remember to eat healthy and drink plenty of water, and go for walks.

    Soon you’ll go from 10mins at a time to 30mins to a full day and then weekly. This shit is traumatic. We support you.

  2. I have never let my family pick and choose my partners. If they like them, cool, if not, too bad. Family approval is definitely a plus but it's never been a big deal to me. If you want to be with this person, they should just have to put up with it.

  3. I know I have enabled this behavior I’m trying to change this but what kind of consequence do you give a grown man.

  4. You should watch My Cat From Hell.

    One cat sounds like he has a disorder called PICA. Basically this disorder means they eat things they aren't supposed to eat. This is manageable.

    As for the issues blending the dog with the cats… Your dog is bored! Dave needs exercise! He needs mental stimulation! He needs long walks and playtime! Get him a toy called Fox On A Stick(fake fox obv). If he's chasing the cats, it's cause he has a high prey drive and needs to get it out in other ways. Fox On A Stick is a long stick with a fuzzy dog toy on the end for him to chase. It should physically tire him in ways that a walk just can't.

    Sounds like your two cats are bored too! Get them a cat highway around the house, ways for them to get up and away from Dave while still existing in the same room. Good rule of thumb: give your cats a way to get all the way around the living room without touching the ground. Make sure that there is no dead end in the room, that the cats always have some way to get away from Dave, and they won't feel cornered which means they won't lash out.

    Cats thrive on owning things. By putting up shelves and things for them to climb on and use to get up off the floor, you are expanding their available territory.

    The larger brother cat (let’s call him thing1) developed this issue where he was pulling out clothes down and pissing on them

    For a lot of cats, this is a sign of territorial insecurity. He doesn't feel like he owns enough things in the space, so he marks things to show that he owns them. Put a cat tree that already has his scent on it near the closet and see if that helps.

    I don’t think this can be trained because he is still like a year and a half

    It absolutely can be trained. Your dog just needs a hell of a lot more exercise and mental stimulation than he's currently getting. Get him running! Play! Spend a whole hour outside making him run around and expend all his extra energy! No amount of training will help if you aren't exercising him.

    Also, start teaching him the Leave It command. This command will teach him impulse control, which is something that dog desperately needs. And finally, train him for 5 minutes 3 times a day. dogs have the attention span of a human toddler(about 5-10 minutes), so you're going to have better results with short bouts of training several times a day vs two or three longer training sessions each week.

  5. That's how this sub works. One person tells their side of a story, and, surprise surprise, that tends to make the other person look bad. I don't know what else you expected. And just because op's boyfriend seems wrong in this instance, that doesn't mean op is lying or omitting key details, it could just mean that op's boyfriend is, you guessed it; wrong.

  6. Stop contacting her and let her online her life. Just nod when you bump into each other and move on

  7. They know, they basically told her not to rock the boat.

    Imagine tolerating a nazi in your family

  8. I’m surprised there aren’t more responses like this, most seem to be on her side. Giving him the silent treatment, withholding affection, these are abuse tactics. All over the fact that he did something completely natural with his body. Sounds controlling to me. Seriously, the only woman I ever dated that had a problem with me masturbating was the same one I caught cheating. But she was jealous constantly. Projection is weird like that.

  9. Counseling or leave. No matter what you do you're wrong. That's no way to online. She's dragging your kids into the middle of your marriage issues. You don't ever do that. You're kids are learning how to treat or be treated by their SO.

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