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  1. Your brother 'has to keep his distance for his own mental health'.

    Why in the world are you pushing him to get back into her world? She is not good for him. She doesn't care. She wants what she wants in the way that she wants it. He is not nearly as important to her as she is.

    Be careful OP. You may lose your brother as well if you don't put his needs a bit higher than your mom who refuses to treat him well.

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  3. Ah, hello? Stay away from addicts. You can’t fix him. He’ll drag you down. The fact that you need us to provide such obvious advice should be your biggest worry.

  4. Do you honestly not know to reassure your partner when they're feeling insecure? Like, you just agree and let them feel bad?

  5. Seriously, I cannot believe people are being so dismissive. This is a serious issue that would strain any family.

    I don’t have a lot of good advice for OP, but I definitely think couples counseling is called for.

  6. And that is the first intelligent thing you have said all day.self-awareness is great. Good thing is, if you put in a little effort and, I don't know, get a fucking job until you are actually a wife or a mother, you might actually become a good girlfriend who he wants to marry and give you that life you want so badly. But if all you do is put in the minimum and expect the maximum, you'll never get anywhere in any damn relationship.

  7. Dealbreaker if it was me. Easy to say this as I’m not invested and I know how my heart works. I’ve put up with less. I’m sorry this has happened. Forget the honesty, it’s more about how you’re literally just the next best thing. It sounds horrible to put it like that but that’s what he’s saying when he says that. Fuck him. I hope he’s not also manipulating cause that’s some narcissistic behavior almost- to be able to lack so much self awareness to bring that up- the plus is at least you know now.

    Fuck that dude, I think you deserve much better and his selfish behavior will only cause problems in the future. This won’t be something that’s easy to overcome. I wouldn’t ever forget it throughout the length of the relationship unless he made some real changes and showed me I’m the apple of his eye not his fucking ex.

  8. He says in the next year but then never brings it up to me. He is so focused on pickle ball lately that it is all he talks about.

  9. It’s more like every other week but you’re right it’s still an issue.

    Thank you. I will do this.

  10. You’re not dating. You’re the back up plan for if something better doesn’t come along. Next.

  11. I’m a professional nanny, so I think that comment was just to hurt me because he knows that I take pride in what I do and that I have many qualifications for it

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