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Date: September 24, 2022

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  1. I'm assuming you're on Ocrevus?

    So I'd highly recommend trying to find a job that has good insurance. Employer plans are usually better than exchange plans. Some have a max OOP as low as 1k.

    If you really can't do that, ask your doctor about tecfidera. It's an MS medication that's generic. Most pharmacies charge an arm and a leg, but has it for $15. It's not as effective as Ocrevus, but much better than nothing.

  2. Leave him. He clearly doesn’t listen to you. You have explained many times and he refuses to listen or do anything for you. It won’t get better with him, it would be better find someone else.

  3. Sometimes you can't help someone grow by being there. A cheater will not learn the consequences of their actions until real consequences happen.

    Time for her to face consequences.

  4. If it helps. I recently reached out to an old childhood friend. We are now texting nearly every day. I literally can’t remember what was said in that initial tentative message. I’m just happy to be back in touch and catching up! You can only get closure by taking the step. Good luck X

  5. Why do you say “as I woman I hate saying this”? This is what I don’t get. There are a lot of people in this sub who are still blaming OP (one is even saying that his wife is so much smarter than him that she’s had to hold it back to make him feel better about himself and she just couldn’t handle it anymore).

    This shouldn’t be a gender issue and you should feel proud to call out abuse from whatever gender it comes from.

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