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Date: September 22, 2022

6 thoughts on “BOO BOO KITTY

  1. What do you mean there was a fight? Does this bf of yours throw down that easily ? Your bf is mentally unfit and abusive. He is making you prove yourself and you don't have to prove anything. Me, I would have said 'sounds like you don't know who I am at all and this relationship has been a waste of time.'


  2. Are you sure this means there's been recent contact? I'm not sure how these favorite lists are updated. Mine exists but I never selected those favorites and some haven't changed in due time if AI was selecting them due to recent contact.

  3. Don’t know why your giving a cheater a second chance to break your heart but we all get blinded by love at some point. Plus do not move in with someone if you not able to put by yourself especially with a BF your going to trap yourself and will have no way out

  4. I don't know what either of those are, but if it was electronical transaction via bank or other bank like app there's proof he sent the money. If they also have text messages or other stuff like that confirming what the money was for and she didn't “deliver”… Then let's just hope that he won't press charges.

  5. It can be that you unconsiously have noticed things that bother you and your brain is telling you during sleep.

    I once dreamt that my boyfriend was a monster. It was so vividly i had to get up, round the bed and watch him irl.

    Can you imagine, later in life he became a real monster, abused both me and our son. Tried to kill me. And i think he dipped my cat in benzen.

    So, i would say; trust your brain.

  6. Thanks.

    I feel this guy needs a nudge toward some maturity and personal responsibility. He's going down a road that won't win him much admiration from anyone.

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