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  1. You IMMEDIATELY tell your partner when you’re hanging out with someone you’ve stuck your penis in. You’re dead wrong here.

  2. You’re 35 (mid 30s, not early ?), not 92. Stop talking about protectors and character and bUlLiEs every other reply. You defended yourself, your man didn’t feel the need to chime in, all is well. He’s not cowardly bc of some incredibly minor live spat, but your other posts definitely paint that picture.

  3. that's absolutely not true lmao and you can't prove that. even if it was, you have to consider that the gen pop (this includes you too) doesn't know jack shit about nutrition and bother to supplement certain stuff that you'd be missing out on anyways. so who gives a shit. let him eat his broccoli.

  4. You know he wsnts to put you down by always telling you that you made a mistake, to make you feel stupid and destroy your self-esteem. Everybody should know there is a difference betwen bit and US english. And even if you say something wrong, who actually always correct someone?!

  5. Are they into each other? I can say from personal experience it's better if everyone is into everyone vs them taking turns and watching when not their turn.

    With that said, I think it's risky. You never really know how people will feel after it happens. Two people can have very different imaginations on how things would go down and even the slightest deviation from the script can offend someone.

    For example, maybe for your wife kissing would be off limits and you kiss her friend without thinking about it and suddenly the entire encounter is tainted. Or your wife falls asleep and wakes up finding you and her friend continuing and suddenly you weren't allowed to do that because she was asleep and therefore it was like you did it behind her back. Or maybe some position is both of yours special position and seeing you use it with another women violates some trust.

    These kind of opinion differences are nearly impossible to entirely nail down ahead of time and then become major violations that can leave one partner feeling betrayed.

    I had a partner get upset that the orgasms I was giving the other woman were too strong. To me that was a good thing, to her that was over some line she had. It came down to my partner only imagining me being pleased by another woman, not the woman being pleased by me.

  6. A “break “ could mean your S O wants to f some one else and not feel guilty. Or it could mean a nice way to break up so it’s less dramatic.

  7. She only cheated on 2 guys and both were with me because we have history. She does have hella dudes on snapchat but ik for a fact she doesnt talk to any of them and shes not a club girl she just is going out for the first time in amonth or two tonight with her girlfriends to a club. I shouldnt try to make it work?

  8. 9 years, two kids, and just now getting engaged? I’m guessing this dude is commitment-phobic and is drumming up some bullshit to gaslight his way out of getting married.

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