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  1. Snubbing people is always bad practice. After all, you're not looking to become the person who feels big because he makes other people feel small. You're looking to become someone who feels big because he makes others feel big. And you can turn someone down without being rude.

  2. Yo. We don't know anything about the situation….

    Listen to your damn therapist or bring it up with them.

    It could be 1000 different reasons your therapist wants you to continue.

  3. “My wife wanted to wait till marriage,” I cant and wont EVER understand this sixteenth century mentality in 2023.

    Sex therapis might be the way for her.


    Sexless marriage and emotional affair? Dude, just run and dont look back.

  4. If he wanted more than sex with you he wouldn’t have broken up with you.

    You were just a lay for him. Let him burn and never look back.

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