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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. You’ve had pots of answers purely on the sex aspect( I will add a pillow under your butt, or “doggy style “ work better. ) complimenting him; Don’t tell him it’s ridiculous! seriously though Tell him he has a gorgeous dick. Tell him you don’t know why, but you’re drawn to it. Tell him you’re intimidated by it’s size but you really want to work it out because you love him

  2. Talk to him again, listen and ask him what you can do to change his mind. A smart man would’ve gotten a paternity test on the sly and checked your devices and social media accounts, maybe follow you during a normal day or even hire a PI. He allowed your sister and his emotions to make decisions for him and here you are.

    So, allow him to speak but ask him to also prove what he’s accusing you. Try to get him to attend marriage counseling, also try to get someone he trusts to mediate.

  3. That's pretty much what I expected to hear. Le sigh. Thank you. I'm heavily considering it as much as I don't want to.

  4. He might be thinking that you're only initiating to keep him happy not that you actually want it. Just talk to him.

  5. My first husband was amazing while we dated. Literally in the first week of marriage he “owned” me. No talk of this beforehand. He didn’t project this attitude previously. Some people, men and women, are very crafty and manipulative.

  6. I mean, if I'm in her position and you told me these excuses, I'd cut it off too (for context, I'm a guy and I'm happily married, so I'm not coming at this just blindly defending or representing women).

    The first time, you're telling me that you're telling me that you're irresponsible and allowed yourself to fall behind knowing we had a date planned. Even further than not, if you have a late date, shopping shouldn't impact it. But whatever, we could let that go if you make an effort to reschedule. Sometimes shit happens.

    You do exactly that, awesome. Now, if you had a reservation and then she told you about last minute OT, fair enough. That's on her. Still, you decided to cancel on her behalf when you could have altered plans to something open later. Regardless, nothing changes because here we are, so my original advice remains the same.

  7. Honestly I don't think it was mind games either. But you see what you said here “I thought he would say yes”. Why would you think that? Do you think you're the most beautiful woman in your own eyes? Isn't that more relevant than what anyone else thinks. And again you asked him a question and he answered honestly. I'm sorry you can't be mad about that. If you don't want to hear a true answer don't ask the question. The question just reeks of desperation, especially for someone your age. And there are other questions I feel you and many other people shouldn't be asking because you all can't handle the true answers. Things like “have you ever loved anyone else as much as me?” , “Have you ever felt this way before” , “how many people have you slept with” . I'm sorry some of you just don't have the maturity or self esteem to handle true answers to that and thus when you meet someone who answers honestly you get your feelings hurt. Yes it sucks but you did it to yourself. You asked a question expecting to hear an answer you needed to hear and you didn't get that. It sucks but that's on you. Don't do that to yourself. Also this is a sign that you should work on your self esteem, go to therapy, and learn to love yourself more.

  8. from your post & on your concerns: talk to him & tell him NO & tell him why. Its no longer about him & her & closure BUT you & him & the marriage & the daughter + the emotional turmoil & potential damage to him.

    suggest her to message whatever she wants to say / voice message / talking on the phone only. You need to put your guard up as it will cause major issues in the marriage & family later on if its affecting your husband psychological & emotional standing.

  9. You’re not unreasonable for wanting a promise ring if what your bf says is true. Why would a promise ring involve external support (like he says)?

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