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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. You can't control your dreams, but you should probably control your thoughts whilst conscious. If you can't, it's time to seek professional support

  2. You could look at alanon if he's using and stealing to use im sure you can find a community of people who have dealt with the same thing

  3. No it's not fair to feel cheated. Op gave her what he could. She has no future dibs on his money or savings.

    She's basically an adult and should behave as such, not like an entitled brat.

    She's only looking at what she doesn't have and others do. She needs to learn to make do with what she has (and she has plenty) and not compare. Life is 't fair. Not for OP, not for his daughter.

  4. Hold up. She called you weak and immature for leaving??


    You are dealing with an adult woman who will not get therapy to deal with her own issues and she resorts to namecalling?

    I don't think the kids got their bad bullshot behavior from Dad.

    I think Dad left this house of hell.

    I'm sorry, but you need to tell her:

    “I am sorry, but your kids don't want me around and after they called me names you decided to pile on top too. I do not need to be in a relationship where me bowing out of a fight you are having with YOUR unruly children out of respect for your parenting results in you calling me names. This relationship just ended. I wish you and your family all the best.”

    Walk the fuck away.

    I would bet money that you didn't even hear her say “Don't call him a douchebag”.

    There is shitty parenting going on here and it is wayyy above your pay grade.

    She needs to NOT be in a relationship and focus on her kids for a few years.

    Please. Please do not stay in any relationship when you are being verbally abused. Because that is what is happening.

    Now you know why that marriage ended. She learned nothing. Step away.

  5. You shouldn’t feel safe with him. He probably did something himself and protecting himself in his thoughts.

  6. i’m glad to hear your perspective as a man in a similar situation, this makes me feel less weird about being ok with him not being able to do ut

  7. I seriously don’t understand this fear of what she would ask you. What do you think she’s going to ask which would make you have to lie again or come clean? “Hey, remember when we first started chatting and you said you couldn’t talk because you were going out with friends? What did you do that night?” I highly doubt it coming up, unless she point blank decides randomly to ask if you were dating or sleeping with anyone else.

  8. Just delete the info from your phone if it was from years ago and no longer applicable to your life.

    Her over-the-top reaction, in public, is a red flag.

    And, yes, you should be honest with anyone you want to build a long-term relationship with.

  9. His coworker is being inappropriate. He needs to make it clear that he is not going to discuss anything not work related with her.

    “My marriage is not a topic I'm going to discuss. Is there anything work related you need to talk about?”

    At these work events he can excuse you both from sitting next to her. “Excuse us. We're going to mingle” or “I see John over there. I need to talk to him. Excuse us.”

  10. He made his choice. You have to make yours.i kinda understand him, you have an emotional relationship with your ex.

  11. Move on. If your behavior was creepy before, it is still creepy now..Sounds like things got resolved plenty before. You just didnt like how it went, which was with you out of the picture….take your loss, learn from it and be better next go around.

  12. Also, if they're firing full time staff, there's no way OPs husband will be able to make any meaningful contribution with just 1/5 of the time one employee would have been working

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