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Date: September 21, 2022

9 thoughts on “CataGomez

  1. It’s sad but she will have to realize the shallowness and selfishness that comes with what she wants.

    You can’t change her mind. She is clearly already very decided in this.

    If you continue, you will only be cheated regularly and feel it massive pain.

    You need to break things off and look for other people. Tell her the truth, she wants a life you don’t. But tell her this means completely cutting things off… you guys won’t be able to “friend zone” this and not come away with deeper scars. Trust me, I know it’s tough but get as far away from this person physically and emotionally as you can.

    They road the want to travel will only give them temp. happiness and no lasting joy.

  2. talk to your therapist about learning to filter your anxious thoughts from rational concerns. Instead of voicing genuine, valid feelings and thoughts to him, you’re just constantly voicing every insecurity that goes through your head.

  3. He can be better lookinf, but is not sonething she should state to you. People that have to be friends with everyone as their need are exhausting in the long run. I think it isn't necessarily problem with you, but she has within herself. Personally, I would never want to deal with it, but I introvert, so it's biased take.

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