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  1. Lol did you seriously write “an Asian”? Girl, get out of here with your racism. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and that’s definitely a stereotype.

  2. White American here – I’ve dated 2 Indian men in my life.

    Boyfriend A and I were together for 2.5 years. I talked to his mom regularly. Then we traveled to India to meet them, and I thought I was getting engaged. Nope – his mom said us or her and he picked them and broke my heart.

    I wasn’t looking for a relationship and should have been worried about dating another Indian after that, but I met Boyfriend B wormed his way in there as soon as he found out about my breakup. His family also pulled the us or her. He laughed in their faces and said her, 100%.

    We’ve been married 16 years. He continues to pick me above all else.

    If he won’t pick you now, he never will and that is a marriage killer. Sorry about thw broken heart, but Mr. Right could be next. Never settle for someone who doesn’t choose you every day.

  3. How can you say fate creates for both gazes when the director, producer, and writer, are all male?

    The female characters you described are all male gaze. Same with overly muscular men. The pretty boy I’ll give a MAYBE female gaze – but the female gaze cares a lot about softness and kindness in the personality as well. And without women in decision making and veto power roles I have a nude time accepting anything as for the actual female gaze and not a man’s crappy interpretation lol

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  5. The sink cost fallacy is never a policy to love your life by

    If you’re having doubts and aren’t happy for 8 years straight you never will be

  6. Or might not have been a joke. Could have been the truth, but everyone backtracked when it was obvious that you weren't taking it well. It honestly doesn't sound like something that someone would scheme with another person on as a joke. It sounds like something someone would be thinking and they're the type who can't keep things to themselves, so they let it slip out.

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