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  2. Statistically speaking if my daughter was a lesbian she would be less likely be killed by her partner. Less likely to be abused too.

    I don’t think that’s his reasoning though. Those comments are red flags and you should run.

  3. Make a man a meal, and he will remember that forever

    My ex would make me lunches for our class together, loved it! Bonus points for a little love note 🙂

    Kiss him for no reason

    Grab his ass and say it is yours

    Tell him something specific you appreciate

    Guys are simple, food, sex, and words go a long way

    I find humor in the cringey and cheesy acts so its fine with me if they are

  4. The way you talk about this man… i bet he didn’t cry when he saw you walk down the aisle either. He sounds like a real winner…

  5. Yeah, I’m curious about the big picture… how does he treat you in general? Does he treat you as an equal or as a submissive partner? And, where do you online?

  6. This is not a relationship you wrote.

    you crying, begging, rolling around like a doormat

    Do you think you're in a relationship?

  7. It may also be that her “not turned on” sending content to turn that paying guy in Europe on…

    … makes OP wonder how “turned on” she is with OP? She is sharing intimate athmosphere with other people ….

    What is left over for two people to share in an intimate relationship then?

    Does this still make sense to you?


  8. So the answer is “no, I don't”. The child was so sick she was in bed sleeping. And you wanted him to wake her up just because you wanted to see him… then!

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