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Date: September 28, 2022

13 thoughts on “Daniksims on-line sex chats for YOU!

  1. Dang this really sucks. Your friend is trying. It's like she's the antidote and he refuses to take it. Could be a lot of different reasons but your friend will still be a good person even if they are forced to give up.

  2. Your BF is the weird (and seemingly jealous) one.

    You’ve been together 2 years, now living for 2-3mo, pay attention to these cues and how often they happen.

    Imo, living together is your next step, you find out who your partner really is, coping with stress or life etc. after this, let’s or marriage etc (or not), but know the first time together seeing how you and your partner function as a full team, will dictate what type of person he is and how strong your relationship with him is – when shit gets even heavier or life throws more frame, pay even closer attention.

  3. Sit down and discuss family finances with him. In all uncomfortable details.

    BTW: I would also analyse in detail what being a (married) couple means in real life.

  4. Wth is wrong with YOU that you don't have a problem with that?? This is controlling and invasive, and is a huge red flag! This is not normal and it's not ok.

  5. If you ever do this again…. Don't talk to the subs.

    He may have agreed to you posting nudes for money, but did he agree to flirting and sexting for money?

  6. OP,

    Are you that dense that you cannot see the answer so clearly, STOP FREAKING TALKING TO HIM AND BLOCK HIM.

    By you responding in any way, shape or form allows him to say to himself, it is only a matter of time before she sends them.

    By you blocking him, because you told him no, over and over again, he will finally either stop or harass you in another way and then you need to turn him in to the ethics committee/police.

  7. Your boyfriend clearly has said nothing. That’s where your focus needs to be. You can cut them out of your life if you so choose. They treat you like shit and are disrespectful.

    But logically your boyfriend won’t want that and I happen. If that’s the case, he needs to stand up for you. If he doesn’t, you have a decision to make. Good luck.

  8. You knew you shouldn’t have done it but you did it anyway, so your apology is utterly worthless. This wasn’t a mistake, it was a selfish choice you made knowing it would upset her and now you don’t like the consequences. If you don’t want to get dumped, don’t lie to your fiancé.

  9. You seem to be reading into a point that wasn't made, so there's no point in responding to it, because it's not relevant.

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