Kora Marina live sex cams for YOU!



Date: September 26, 2022

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  2. foreplay, foreplay, foreplay, and copious amounts of it. i'm having the same problem. but the more turned on you are, the easier time you will have.

  3. Unfortunately that's how some good looking girls handle their roster. One is the main while the other dude is a handyman, while the other dude is the guy who has to deal with the emotional bs in hopes of getting a chance, while the other dude just hits it and leaves until he's seeked out again, while the other dude is the financial perk.

    I'd leave her on read if she tries to hit you up or whatnot. Trust me when I say, you don't want to get tangled in some bullshit all because of a promiscuous woman. Other than that, continue being stoic and always work on yourself! Gym, confidence, good hygiene, and some good attire goes a long ways!! Eventually you'll be actually dating chicks who actually like you and aren't into games.

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