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Date: September 19, 2022
Actors: DiSweetyy

13 thoughts on “DAPHNE

  1. I know for sure it was meant for me. He put a Calendar emoji referring to our Anniversary Date. But yes. It is best to block him!

    Thank you!

  2. Not normal. Your bf is right. You need to define boundaries with your friend, and I'd they overstep, she needs to be cut off.

  3. Yes, I’m not planning to be in contact with them, unless my sister is still hopeful for reconciliation and would like me to stay in minimal contact with them, which seems incredibly unlikely.

  4. Leave her if you feel like it. If yoir connection is damaged beyond repair there is no purpose in staying.

    That is a related but still separate issue. In regard to this crush she needs to not contact him remotely either (not sure if she even has before).

  5. How's your sex life been during your relationship? Were there changes to that when you got pregnant that he might he bitter about? Or any other significant changes besides his behavior?

  6. I have no idea if he’s doing it intentionally. But clearly if he’s been doing it his whole life, it’s because on some level he thinks it gets him what he wants.

    Would definitely be worth drawing a line. Maybe he’s willing to stop if you explain that it’s abusive?

    Otherwise yeah. No bueno.

  7. Dude I'd stop fighting everyone in this sub and start thinking of the apology you need to write your girlfriend before she discovers this on TikTok or Spotify.

    Assuming you actually love your girlfriend. Because so far, everyone has told you you're in the wrong, you've ignored everyone, and your responses, if they're real and you're not an actual troll, will spread like wildfire.

    You came here for help, yet you aren't willing to acknowledge it. Maybe this isn't the place for you if you came for advice and are unwilling to see how you're the problem.

  8. I am, but I don't know about moving forward. Could we actually have a relationship? Christmas cards, Thanksgiving, cheesey Facebook posts.

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