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Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. The only reason you need to get divorced is that you're no longer happy. There doesn't have to be some big scandal/fight etc. I got married at 21 and that was a dumb idea. Then I got divorced 8 years later and rebounded with my second ex. We were together for 16 years but in retrospect it really was a rebound. We were both craving love and everything went pretty quickly (didn't get married for 4 years though) and I ignored some pretty big red flags (alcoholic and porn addict) because of my rose colored glasses. I totally missed out on my youth. Not even sleeping around because that has never really never interested me but just being on my own and growing/maturing on my own rather than being heavily influenced by partner. In this day and age the world is different and its better to wait to get serious/married/have kids later. Why though do you think you failed because yiu didn't get to sleep around? It's not really a failure. You jsut feel liek you missed out. You may find though that once you're divorced that sleeping around isn't all that you think it might be. So if that's the only reason you might want to get some therapy for yourself more than anything. Ultimately though if you're no longer happy and you dotn feel that it can be fixed then that's the only reason you need. Beter to do it now before kids are involved.

  2. Every single word of this.

    I promise you young lady that there are men out there who would cut off their left arm to treat you like the amazing person that you are.

    Your boyfriend is not that man.

  3. I would get opinions from other Black people. There are going to be a bunch of white people here that feel qualified to answer this question but aren’t

  4. I have in the past envisioned a mini copy of my partner. But doesn't mean I would be disappointed if it turned out to be a girl.

  5. He has to set the boundaries here. Let him know how uncomfortable it’s made you. He should have your back with this and tell her it’s really inappropriate and that he’s not interested.

  6. That's true – but also remember that it takes a very special kind of person to enjoy techno or rave concerts. Wild horses couldn't drag me to one, and I am a social butterfly. I'd really just let that be his thing, and acknowledge that mindless beats you can only enjoy when high are not your thing. Don't take offense at how he put it – but he was right, when you and your friends want to get stoned and have fun, having to watch out for your partner, who stays sober, doesn't get into the music and the moment, and sends off uncomfortable/ disapproving/ “is it over? Can we go home?” vibes would put a damper on it.

    It's like when you watch a really silly comedy you love with your SO and they don't get the humor at all, and think it's childish and stupid – suddenly you can't really laugh at it any more, either, and they sort of spoil it for you, too. Just let everyone enjoy their own thing – as long as you have enough stuff you can enjoy together, you should be good.

  7. Gender is man, woman, non binary etc. Sex is male, female intersex. You don't call a male dog a man, a female cat a woman. Being a man is a social construct, it's not innately linked to your genitals. Gender is a spectrum, you don't have to understand it to respect it. OPs partner is a man.

  8. Everybody makes mistakes. Not everybody learns from this. I hope you realize you need to put work in your SO. If she blows up on you like this the time to talk to her about this was yesterday. You need to figure out a plan, communicate ASAP, act and don’t take your SO for granted. All the best

  9. I was married to this same man. Not gonna lie, it will not ever get better. Most likely, it will get worse. If you are already contemplating leaving, I would rest up and start making plans.

  10. Hold up, o think I must have read it wrong and thought you were pregnant, if you are not pregnant then I still stand with see this a red flag and maybe rethink your relationship before moving forward…

  11. Honestly I think a conversation needs to be had. Sounds like maybe you’re not too happy with where you are and her comments are triggering you. How do you feel about where you are in life?

    Ask her if you can be the plus one at the next event so you can mingle and get to know other people? If anything it could be a networking opportunity for you?

    If she truly is not happy with where you are then yes that is a dick way to kind of let you know. Regardless, I think more needs to be spoken about.

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