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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. My best advice is to have a sit down with him. Write down all of the issues you are having and why they are bothering you so much, that way you have something tangible. Furthermore, I would ask him to show his phone and deleted history and see if he sent them. The next thing is I'd reestablish the rules, boundaries, and limitations that you both set forth going into the relationship. This is going to be a much needed conversation. And I will admit, it can take multiple trys as well as get ugly, uncomfortable, and can lead to you both hurting each others feels. However, and I can not stress this enough, it well bring you two so much closer together.

    Side note: try to figured out what is the best way for you to communicate to him. And for him to communicate to you. A lot of issues happen due to miscommunication. I hope this helps. Feel free to message me for any more advice.

  2. She she only cheated the one time 2 weeks ago and she's five weeks along then the baby is yours, but I kinda doubt she only cheated once.

    That being said even if the baby is yours I'd dump her, you don't have to be her boyfriend to be there for her as a father.

  3. Hi there OP, your husband acted in an awful manner and I'm probably going to get downvoted and shit on for saying this but here goes…

    First of all, I don't feel sad for what you're doing to him. His actions are poorly thought but are you sure you want to divorce him? 7 years of relationship gone because of him panicking at this time.

    I'm pretty sure you must have given some thought but just wanted to let you know to consider this angle as well. No one is saying it but I don't understand how people have these perfect relationships.

    I get that your husband acted like an asshole and again, I won't be shy to call this move divorce-worthy but just make sure you know what you are doing.

    I'm not even from USA, so I don't know how things really work there but I just wanted to share this chain of thought in case no one put it this way.

    I hope you lead a happy life and your husband realizes and makes ammendment even if you guys end up being separated. Have a wonderful day ahead.

  4. Homie. She's right. Actually look it up. Every little thing that conspiracy theorist said about the vaccine, at least the surface stuff is coming out in the light. Heh. So maybe she dodged a bullet. There are some red flagged conspiracy theories out there but this ain't it chief. Sorry for your loss.

  5. Every comment I see from OP it seems he’s just looking for an excuse to be upset at his GF. Tipsy people cry. Your gf didnt get defensive, she apologized. She had a reaction to hearing something that’s not a reflection on you / your relationship / her relationship with her ex.

  6. Many, many of us have been in situations with men who behave like arseholes and blame it on their terrible childhood. And yes, all of us who've experienced that have also experienced their vulnerability and claims of love that make you want to stick around and help them.

    The reason we're all saying the same thing is because we know how this story ends. You don't, because you're just going through it, and you're only 21. You think he's going to get help, work on himself, solve the problems, and that he'd never hurt you.

    Every statistic out there, and all of the experiences of other people who've been with similar men, would say that you're wrong about how this ends up.

    The part we don't understand is the part where you stay with a man that you're clearly scared of, that is violent to a dog you claim to love, and that you think will make you “PAY” if you rehome the animal he's abusing. Why would you stay with someone like that? More to the point, why would you allow your child to grow up in a house with someone like that?

  7. I wouldn't borrow it, like you said its not fair to have it over your head. The only thing you can do is sit him down and give him an ultimatum, you either start of smaller then you originally wanted or new time frame to save up. You have every right to not want to be in debt to a family member, it can add so much tension and stress to situations. I hope you work it out in the end.

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