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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. I am sorry but no man's whole identity should be tied to the size of an appendage. Anyone who has these hangups need to get some serious counselling.

    And porn is not real. Movies are not real. One of the worst things to happen is the abundance of free porn out there destroying relationships and confidence.

  2. She didn't lie by omission. She is under no obligation whatsoever to tell her boyfriend every little detail about her hobbies.

    When asked, she told him. Now it's up to him if he can live with it or not.

  3. Good, break up to set her free from you. If you can't see based on all the reasonable comments that you can still be hurt by a situation without being hung up on a person then I hope she finds someone else with more empathy.

  4. I personally don't take things that happen in say the 1st month too seriously. I've just found that the start of some new relationships is also the end of old relationships and some things take time to die.

    We would all love if all love was love at 1st sight with all others forgotten and forsaken. But in real life it often just doesn't happen that way. Granted usually one party usually doesn't even know the other is quietly tying up some lose ends.

    Or like in your case, it turns into an awkward love triangle. Which is something I, personally, would not be involved in. If I were in your shoes I would not make too big a deal out of it. But I also would not compete.

    Its been 6 months so at this point there needs to be a clear relationship with clear boundaries. What ever happened with her needs to be done over and in the past. I don't see a reason to keep fighting over it.

    Either it's a big deal to you and it's over. Or the whole thing is done, your were barely a couple at the time anyway. You're his clear choice. He doesn't even speak to her anymore. And you move past it.

  5. Time passes and it clear that it's actually something that does hurt her confidence in her body.

    how so? does she act in a certain way, or does she make comments about it, etc?

    and how often does this issue come up?

  6. I’m definitely swaying back and forth between sad and afraid for him and incredibly angry that he thought this was okay. In some ways it is, him talking about suicide is definitely okay, and I didn’t want to make him feel at all ashamed for that, but I wish I had pointed out that bringing it up in the same conversation as asking to get back together was not okay.

    I appreciate that you aren’t demanding I leave or take back my decision, I definitely plan to as soon as safely possible but I feel like cutting and running is not the safe choice for me, unless my therapist tells me to. I think there’s some numbers I can call, and I will ask for their advice on what to say to his friends.

  7. She probably feels obligated to fix his worldview otherwise she’s only validating how he already thinks. OP is in a lose-lose situation.

  8. Your example could kind of go either way.

    If you two always or almost always spend time just the two of you, I can see her side of including a friend who otherwise might have to see the movie alone. If you two regularly spend time with friends and it was important to you to have a rare date night, then yes it was rude to include someone else after you expressed that.

    Do you have another example of her prioritizing friends over you?

  9. He has helped me find a therapist before, but she doesn’t take my insurance. We’re currently on the hunt for another. I’ve expressed concerns about my own mental health, and he said while he’s more than willing to listen, he doesn’t feel qualified to give advice.

    As for the level-headed comment, I feel that might be because a previous gf close to my age (23) took a baseball bat to his car after an argument.

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