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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. This is a compromise. He is doing something he doesn’t want to out of love for you.

    The stand out for me is this – how on earth does anyone know who is paying? That is a ridiculous amount of over sharing!

    If you are still volunteering such private information with your parents then you need to grow up and cut the umbilical cord.

    If it’s them who is asking and pressuring you to share answers to such intrusive questions – then you need to step back from them so that they can develop the proper mind set that parents of adults should have.

    You and your spouse get to choose whatever type of family you are going to be. Your parents want to mould you into copies of themselves.

  2. So… Why do you keep dealing with that? Have a honest conversation with her and if she dismisses you, you have your answer.

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