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Date: September 25, 2022

9 thoughts on “KilenyaPatrise live webcams for YOU!

  1. If she didn’t have kids I’d have already reported her but I’m afraid of them going to the system.

    She's murdering people. If you knew she was chopping up the neighbor with an axe in the basement, would you worry about whether or not she'd lose her kids before reporting her as an axe murdered? Just because the weapon takes longer doesn't mean she's any less of a killer for using it on innocent people.

  2. Can I add suggestion: tell your GF that you want her proposal to be SPECIAL and so you wouldn’t want her to have to share the “moment” with her sister. Promise something good for when you are ready

  3. Tbh your ex deserves better than someone as selfish as you. Even now you are only worried about how you will look and not how bad you crushed your ex.

  4. Yeah, I’m calling BS on her “multiple gifts over time” line. What a load of BS. If she getting you a Christmas present in April, so it will be totally unexpected?

    Bullshit. She just likes that you spend a shit ton of money on her. But she doesn’t care enough to put any effort into getting you anything.

    And COME ON, man. She didn’t get you a birthday present because she was busy with work? Where does she work, the International Space Station?

    She couldn’t find 5 minutes in the two weeks leading up to your birthday to order you something that you would like?

    She’s a taker. You’re a giver. That works for her, but will ultimately be disappointing for you.

  5. She is employing standard early manipulation tactics, even if she doesn't realise it. You need to take a very hot stand against it or it could evolve to something much worse.

  6. Step one is decide if you want to date/sleep with him. I would suggest against it since you work with him.

    Once you make a decision about what you want it’s time to talk to him.

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