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Date: September 28, 2022

11 thoughts on “Desiregiovanna live sex chats for YOU!

  1. You’re her back up plan bro!! You’re girl wants to f$&k around with other guys, see where it lands her and if things don’t work out with another guy, she’s got you… It’s loud and clear.

  2. Then I don’t get it

    She thinks she has an STD but has no symptoms and thinks you must have given it to her despite not having a positive test result yet ?

    That is a whole different story maybe ?

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  4. So I'm torn. I get not wanting to be alone when sick, but she was around you before you came down with this and may have been exposed due to your high fever. I wouldn't want to expose my family to anything so if I was her I'd have probably stayed home just in case but I also would've quarantined more than likely just bc work weeks should be starting back up if you didn't have to already work. However, if she wasn't around you much before I definitely would've wanted to spend time with my family and would've gone, being married or just not living with close family makes seeing them anytime you can even more special and very much so needed.

    Side note for your sickness: 102(+) is actually not great to sit at and you need to monitor it and keep taking Tylenol and ibuprofen (they can be taken 'together' as a rotating system if you're fever isn't breaking quick enough, as in take Tylenol wait two-three hours of it hasn't moved take the ibuprofen and then keep to their set timed schedules so it's never at the same time and it's treating the fever til it comes down). Drink hella water to stay hydrated and get some electrolytes (Pedialyte is great but tastes like shit) try to stay with liquids be it soup or water and stay away from caffeine and sugar as well as too much salt. Rest. Shell be back before you know it and I'm sure you can call or video chat before bed at night 🙂

  5. Look, it looks like he left and I don’t know how you could fix that with the way you went about this. However, as someone in a happy almost 7 year relationship who has opened up the relationship periodically, here’s where I think you went wrong: you had a surface level conversation about it before a specific event rather than discussing the idea at a general level, talking about your thoughts, feelings, desires, reasons, etc., and overall just taking your time to explore what this would fill. If you had done it that way, you would have given him a real chance to express his feelings vs doing what he did because you sprint this on him. He might have broken up with you either way if he wasn’t interested in that, but you would’ve had a chance at least to work through all the sensitivities surrounding this topic.

    Again, will this fix your current situation and help you win him back? No. But I hope it helps you reflect.

  6. Tell her you’re going to need her to start paying rent and half the bills due to financial stress. See how she takes it. I suspect you have found yourself a hobosexual, my friend.

  7. You are being expected to consider his feelings in addition to all the other shit you have to do.

    That’s extra work you do not have time or energy for.

  8. I mean he’s right. You’re not married. If you aren’t already, move in together and see what it’s like living together. If you are already living together, be patient. Also it’s OK to feel hurt and disappointed because your hopes were up but try not to show him that you’re upset. Just try to be understanding. At least he told you why he didn’t think it was a good idea. You might thank him later down the road in case issues pop up in the relationship.

  9. There’s a lot of pretty harsh comments here. Maybe I’m missing something but you’ve known him an awfully long time and he’s been an addict for a very short time according to what you’ve said, so that means odds of recovery are more in his favor. That said, recovery is not the only thing that needs to happen here. You need to do what’s right for yourself and he needs to do what’s right for himself.

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