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24 thoughts on “EarlyFlowerrlive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. My ht is 5.3 inches , i think I am a decent looking person. I think I have became more of a introverted in socialising.

  2. If she isn't willing then you cant make her. You could drop an ultimatum if it bugs you this much but you would have to follow through ion it. Maybe suggest it as a pre wedding thing. Most brides don't want open sores on their face. Maybe a non doctor hair removal place.

  3. I'm really quite surprised about the nearly unanimous disapproval of my opinion. Maybe it's a culture thing. At the end of the day, I want to feel that I've been responsible for all of my decisions… I don't trust others to just say “you should do this” and then be bound by it for life. I would at least want to know the whole story, so I understand the moral calculus that went into it.

    That seems to be putting me at odds with the majority here, so take my advice with a big grain of salt…

  4. One other thing I forgot to mention it when I gave the gift to her originally. She said did you talk with Mike about the gift. I was like no. Also, when I asked the next day if she wanted to play it. She said nah… not right now. But when I came back from work she was playing the game with Mike. My hunch is that she might have mentioned too Mike to get that as a gift for her. So, that didn't help with the wound.

    Totally understand that and thats cool trait. One other thing I forgot to mention it when I gave the gift to her originally. She said did you talk with Mike about the gift. I was like no. Also, when I asked the next day if she wanted to play it. She said nah… not right now. But when I came back from work she was playing the game with Mike. So, that didn't help with the wound. My hunch is that she might have mentioned too Mike to get that as a gift for her.

  5. She has issues and needs therapy, not you watching porn in secret, because that is literally her biggest fear. Lying is a terrible thing to do in response to her issues.

    This marriage should be over.

  6. You have no idea how upset this makes me. I don’t want him to hit rock bottom. I love him with every ounce of my being and I cry writing this. I have said it to him outright and he isn’t in denial. He admits he is drinking too much and that’s why he made that promise to me. We are currently looking for a couples councillor as therapy is out of our price range atm.

    Thanks for your responses. I really do need to find a way to talk to him about this without making him feel responsible. Cause I really do not blame him. I had an alcoholic father that was an absolute drop kick. He did nothing to help my mum and she left when I was extremely young because of it. Whereas my husband is so hard working and kind and compassionate towards my kids and I and that’s why I’m so torn.

  7. Sometimes there comes a point of realisation where you can't help someone in that situation. Given where you're at, you should probably focus on helping yourself. Or more accurately, not let her drag you down with her. That may sound cold but it isn't.

    You can only go so far with helping someone who is going through alcoholism like that. Especially as her child, you already gave up college because of her. Be careful how much of your life you give up for her. It's probably the right time to realise that you can't provide the magic bullet to help your mum out of this. She may have to do this herself, if she can.

    It sucks, it's a powerless feeling but there's only so far you can go here. If your mum ever gets sober, and I hope she does, she'll want to know that she didn't hold you back as much as you're letting the situation do so.

  8. Because OP left out parts 1 through 3 on the original post, and only morally objected to polyamory. He didn't mention any of the neglect until the update.

  9. Yes I would want to know, he is disgusting, tell her everything show her everything and of you have to the friend to get the girl from the party to come forward.

    But 100% tell her, poor women

  10. Don’t move. Your job is the most important thing here because she doesn’t do anything! If you’re not employed, everything stops. You can tell her that she can move right now, get a job, & get settled & you’ll join her after your promotion. But she can’t do that because she doesn’t contribute at all.

    It’s reasonable that she wants to move. But if moving right now is going to wreck your job opportunities. You simply can’t do it.

  11. I'm 20 and even I think that dating an 18 year old would be dating a baby lmao. You did the right thing, so don't sweat it. It was unlucky, but you'll eventually find someone great around your age

  12. This is what journaling is for. Conversations are two way, monologs are for the shower or the diary or a walk around the block on your own.

    I would try to find the way to truly get him to understand how rude a lecture is. You could be anyone. You could be a dog. It's belittling and hurtful to be used as an audience. You are his equal, not his tutee… and even tutors care if the student learns and the student has agreed they want to learn, this is not that. It's so disrespectful. It's dehumanizing. And it will hurt him to hear that but he needs to really hear it. You should source others and workshop how to get this information to him. I suggest starting with “hey we need to have an awkward conversation” so he is fully ready and a bit scared. He needs to be scared for this. But then be reassuring too. “I love you and I love your enthusiasm, and I don't want you to change anything about yourself. Just change where you point certain activities.” They need to be directed to a journal, to peers who want to hear it, or himself. Tell him you've asked yourself “do I need to be here for this?” “If I left would he notice?” “Why am I here for this?” Anticipate some of his responses. Will he claim he wants your feedback? But you don't want to give it. Well he claim he wants to connect with you? Point out exactly that it's the YOU missing from this. He wants to connect with anyone and your ears are here, that doesn't make you feel connected. It's not reciprocal, either. Do you treat him that way? If he says he wouldn't mind, pull up a topic you know for 100% sure he could not stand 6 minutes of conversation about: crochet, Real Housewives, art history. And then ask him why he would want you to torture him with 90 minutes diatribes about how Andy Cohen talked down to that one Real Housewife in 2008 and how wrong it was. You love him and you wouldn't do that to him so why is he doing that to you and acting like he's the victim here?

  13. Move on.

    She wants you to show how interested in her you are without showing actual effort. Thats not a healthy relationship starter. So. Move on. Her crazy will show sooner or later and you'll realize y

  14. He has continually blocked her and unblocked her behind your back. He's lied to you repeatedly.

    That's a relationship ending red flag right there.

    Everything else just emphasizes how toxic he is.

    Get out.

  15. You can ask him out but dating coworkers is never a great idea. Makes things awkward if it doesn't work out. Just remember if he says no then that's the end of it. Don't bother him after that and definitely don't gossip about it to anyone else you work with.

  16. But shouldn't the desire be there?

    Shouldn't the beginning of a relationship have some excitement?


    Sounds like you have a great friend. 🙂

  17. Just prepare to start working on divorce #2. I’m sure we’ll see her come back then with a rant post about how controlling he is and she didn’t pay attention to the red flags.

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