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Date: September 30, 2022

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  1. OP PLEASE READ THIS – having been witness to a friend in the exact same position, I can say from experience the above is true. It started off as wanting her to wear a veil, then to stop drinking, then stop seeing her family or other “non believers”, then physical violence in order to control her behaviour, and ended in his attempt to kidnap her child and return to the Middle East when she finally left him.

  2. He knows about her past and what she was crying about was prior sexual trauma and he knew that. So yea, he can and should be held accountable. We aren’t talking about a rough day at the office here. Not to mention the lack of comforting to her for 2 hours over a video game.

  3. Instead of waiting a whole year, just wait a month or two and see how he adapts, once he's settled you can start job hunting.

  4. You reap what you sow. Let's hope you are right and not look back with regret in later years! But you made the call and looked outside?

  5. Yep she needs to develop self respect from working for herself. Her depression may also be about not loving her partner but life is too easy to leave.

  6. Oh, child, child.

    When I was your age, I had a fellow from a study group ask me if I would ‘deflower’ him. (Yes, he used that word.) This was the most incredible squicky turnoff. He didn’t offer companionship or mutual entertainment or really much of anything except his own hunger for sex, and his presumption that because I had dated several people I must be a sort of public utility.

    If you want casual sex, go where people are looking for hookups, like a bar scene or parties or online, and make yourself available. FWB is not casual sex. It starts with a friendship, which you did not have with this young woman. You made no effort even to connect with her and find out if your attraction was mutual.

    People who assume others are sexually available without getting to know them are creeps. Hurts to hear, but there you are. Now that you know this, it sounds like you will be less creepy. Keep working on that.

  7. what you have there is a selfish lover……. next time get on your knees start giving him a bj and stop midway…..say it’s not my fault your taking to long i think you should go home. see how he likes it!

  8. Don't move in, MOVE ON. 80k is a decent salary but he feels to lie about making more? He's going to keep lying, and lying about finances is the tip of the iceberg. It's only been 6 months, move on before he scams and you're really screwed.

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