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  1. Yeah I’ve definitely learned. It was a bad time in my life. I was sad over my ex and was stupid in the moment

  2. Yeah, i figured this was more of an ad for her next boyfriend than any actual attempt at addressing their issue lol

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  4. Screaming insecurities. He doesn’t want you swimming because he doesn’t want you in a bikini and there is no way for him to subtly watch you in the pool without showing how insecure he is so he is trying to manipulate you into thinking the way he wants you to. Screw that. Work out however you want.

  5. Don't ask questions that you can't handle honest answers to. You know they only broke up because she hurt him. It's obvious that they'd still be together if she hadn't done that.

    You asked him a question with a fairly obvious answer, then got sad. I'm not sure what you expect.

    One of the bigger issues here is that you've been together for 3 years and he's still harping about her. It bothers you, but you haven't communicated that. You guys really need to figure out why his ex still lives rent free in his head so much when she's been gone for 3 years at least.

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