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Date: September 24, 2022

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  1. Be careful with this advice. His current girlfriend is in the video and would be the victim of the crime, not him. She’s the one who’d have to deal with the police, give a statement, potentially testify, go through the court system. I’ve done this it’s why I comment. It’s not as simple as cops take the video and you guys are all good. Accusing crimes of a sexual nature can be extremely arduous and even traumatic.

  2. Be honest with yourself; he was like this before the baby. He's always been a selfish person and you've picked up the slack for years.

    He won't change.

    You're better off just getting child support from him instead of him contributing to the mess.

    My ex was like this. We didn't have kids but I felt like I could run a marathon with all the extra energy I had when he was gone.

  3. I understand the other commenters’ perspectives and do agree that you shouldn’t be controlling your brother. Your husband however has a right to not want the dog in his home if it makes him uncomfortable. If he ends up not feeling comfortable with the dog in his home or around his baby, I would support that. His boundaries are just as important as your brothers.

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