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  1. Girl get out! You’re too young to be caught up with this craziness. Especially not with a man old enough to be your father

  2. If she’s gotta do anything to convince you of not being friends with someone you fucked she definitely is.

  3. All of this ignores why either of you are cheating. There's a reason, or many, and that is why you should be breaking up. It's not really about the cheating, it's about the relationship that isn't working.

  4. So should I call her back today or soon? I don’t want to seem desperate or too hasty. She made it clear to me with her intentions of not disturbing her, so should I respect that to a T or respond when she reaches out?

  5. Well, there is nothing wrong with that.

    What you could do here is apologize to the other woman and state your condition. Perhaps she will be understanding of you and be forgiving of the interaction.

    And for the next time you're faced with this situation, woman want to feel like they're unique and special. So, categorizing them as an option is something that pushes them away instead of bringing them closer.

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