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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. Commenting to add, you do not need to carry his energy as if it is your own. You'll soon realize that what comes first is yourself and your child because without you there is no child so please, take care of yourself first.

    You both are on a new journey and you need to set new boundaries and understand one anothers expectations and quite frankly be 100% honest and from there you'll know what you need to do, together or apart.

  2. This sounds like a BF and brother issue. There are clearly dynamics at play that outdate your relationship if your BF reacted this strongly.

    You should give your BF the shoes and tell him to deal with it. If he wants to confront brother and return the shoes it's up to him but just tell him you are removing yourself from this situation.

    Sidenote: I find it very odd that the brother didn't just say it was a Christmas gift. That def elevated the awkwardness.

  3. People are telling you this isn't a Hallmark movie. I disagree.

    You see, I have seen one gazillion Hallmark movies and in almost every one of them, the boyfriend at the beginning, the one she split with about 15-30 minutes in, makes some grand gesture about 10 minutes from the end of the movie. And then, she rejects him, and goes and makes out with the much better guy she's gonna end up with. That initially and ultimately rejected boyfriend? Some people call him the Baxter. My dad calls him “The Dumper Guy.” I call him “The You In This Story.”

  4. Hey, I was partnered young (16) and were still together decades later and are very healthy and happy. As a woman I feel strongly about young women waiting – bc despite my story being a happy one the vast majority aren’t. Regardless of your maturity, life experience and strength it is physically impossible to be fully developed. Think about if an 18 yo said that to you – you would go ok yea your more mature than people your age , that doesn’t make your mature enough to make life long commitments. No one is the same person at 28 as they were at 22. That’s where the danger comes, people have to keep growing and they can grow apart. It’s not meant to poo poo your relationship – I’m so happy for you that your in love and it all seems to be lining up, pointing towards a happy life and forever relationship. I just think you don’t lose anything by waiting 3 more years and you avoid a lot of downfalls (imo 25 is still v young). It’s naked to see the hubris of youth when your young.

    As for getting alone with your partner and all that – at 1.5 years it’s the honeymoon. Absolutely everything should be working like clockwork and be fantastic pretty much all the time. Your just getting to actually know him now. When the best behaviour stops. When the “real life” sets in. When he’s no longer trying to impress you or keep you etc. just keep going as you are. If you don’t want kids there’s no reason to be married or engaged yet. Better to wait a year or two longer than you think you need to then to end up in a divorce without 5 years. I’ve seen it breakdown and it’s always sadder for the women. They’re young so there’s not really any marital assets. They are 29 with 2 kids working and looking after children and the ex is single, earning good money, seeing the kids every second weekend and has a new child free gf in their 20s – just living the same single fun life they did when they were 22 and making three girls wives and mothers. They didn’t lose their youth and they don’t miss out on having the second family they are truly ready for.

  5. He was making fun of her! She definitely sounds depressed!! She needs help not for her husband to mock her. Contempt in relationships are the most toxic thing and he sounds full of it. I’m not saying what she is doing it right but I’m sure she feels stuck.

  6. The only thing you’ll regret later in life is not getting out sooner so you can enjoy more of your life.

  7. Recognizing your issue is a great step. My suggestion is that if you're having trouble jumping to conclusions, you try to delay opening your mouth first. Don't voice your complaints immediately when you feel them. This will allow you to think about his perspective before you hurt your BF instinctively.

    Anecdotally, this happens with my cat. When I try to pet him, his first reaction is to try to bite me, but he doesn't close his jaws, thinks about it a bit, and licks me instead. It's super cute

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