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Date: October 4, 2022

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  1. I actually mentioned that she may have made up the other guy as well. It’s not that odd to think of. OP says they’re close friends for years and he (nor apparently any of his friends) have ever heard of him.

    Like 5 other people saw them go to her apartment drunk together. If they did say something about it right then, they’re talking about it today.

  2. I don’t think he meant it that way. I felt like he was trying to sympathize with me. And yes, we’ve always had protected sex

  3. Just buy her things more in line with what she got you and if she asks about it, just say that you just assumed her gifts to you were a hint that last year you went overboard and maybe she doesn't want you two to spend that much money on each other. At this point, she can either agree with you or make herself look petty and cheap since she got you crap in comparison.

  4. My rule with relationships has been “don’t ask questions you don’t want an answer to.” You were insecure and expected him to make you feel better. And he should have. He may be a dumb man or he may be ignorant.

    Either way, you need to TELL HIM that this is bothering you, and he should spend some time making you feel better about your body and reaffirming that he loves it just the way it is. If he blows you off after seeing how upset you are, then dump him.

  5. Funniest part is, he forgot his phone this morning. I didn’t know because I wasn’t in bed, got into an argument and I slept on the couch, but he came back a few minutes later and quickly grabbed it and left for work. Funny how it’s such a lifeline of his that I can’t even hold it for a minute to try and fix something but he easily forgets to grab it on his way to work

  6. Yeah, I think I'm struggling because he's generally a good guy and has mentioned that he wants someone different from his ex…

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