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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. Well the intention of those pictures were most likely not to get masturbated to. The fact that it is being used that way is very disturbing. I think sexualizing every person you know is a problem since he clearly doesn’t have boundaries for these girls. Personally if I found out my best friend masturbated to an innocent picture I posted I would definitely not talk to him.

  2. Didn’t say that. Every woman should get to choose who is with them when they give birth, and every woman deserves a supportive husband who isn’t going to make it all about him.

    In general, I think there’s a lot of misinformation about what a normal birth is like – it might involve poop, vomit, and tearing, but about half of them don’t. I think women are unnecessarily frightened a lot of the time. Convincing young women that birth WILL ABSOLUTELY be humiliating, terrifying, and traumatic is not only untrue, it takes away their power and agency. Also, fear makes pain worse and Can itself interfere with labor.

    I’m not invalidating anyone else’s experiences – birth certainly can involve all of the things mentioned. I’m Just providing a counter example.

    Wishing the best for this young woman and hoping her childish husband comes to his senses.

  3. Why would you even want to salvage anything with this man? Is the 6 years you've wasted not enough? He's told you that he doesn't see you as the mother of his children. What more do you need?

  4. Be open and honest about your intentions. If you feel like you want to see her but you are not ready for a relationship then you need to tell her this, Be warned though if she is looking for something serioud its very likely she will let you go and find someone that wants something serious with her.

    Be honest with her about your intentions

  5. Will there come a time when he's going to miss me? Is he going to miss being in a relationship with me?

    Sorry, but probably not. Even if he misses you once in a while, he probably means it about not missing being in a relationship.

  6. Nope. No way. Nein. Hell naw.

    By lying to you, he took away your right to choose whether or not to have unprotected sex with him. YOU DID NOT CONSENT TO BEING EXPOSED TO AN STI, did you?

    He chose to put your health at risk because he was too chicken shit to be truthful.

    No coming back from that in my mind.

  7. You don't lol.

    You can't have a healthy relationship where there is no trust. If y9u don't trust your partner, then you shouldn't date and they should rightfully break up with you if the mistrust is there for other reasons that have nothing to do with your partner being untrustworthy.

    Applying this to your current post about finding male underwear in the laundry:

    Girls can wear men's underwear. My sister buys herself men's underwear and boy shorts cuz she likes how they feel as opposed to panties. Assuming that they do belong to the BIL, he can easily lie about whether or not they are his for any number of reasons. Just because the BIL lies doesn't mean your gf is lying. In a healthy relationship you would trust your gf on this one as long as she doesn't have a history of lying.

    Tldr: you sound exhausting and need to be single.

  8. I was going to comment something like this too, I'm sure there are others that won't have anyone coming for their graduation too, op could either post in the group chat or something asking if there's anyone without a plan on that day to celebrate together. Heck even if her friends are with their families, I'm sure some would even ask her to join them. Friends are families that you choose instead of born with.

  9. This is so sad. Before she goes insane/tell her, go to a lawyer. Women like her always go insane once their husband's find out. Then they become the biggest victims while trying to destroy their husband's character in the process. Have visible proof if possible. Get before this, be as calm as you can. Always record conversations so she can't falsely accuse you for anything.

    Lawyer first. There's nothing here to- save not even for the kids. She didn't think of her kids when she was being selfish, so don't think of her now. Go through the process of healing, therapy, gym new hobbies, enjoy your life and keep loving and protecting your kids by always putting them first. A good guy like yourself will never be single for long just be more discriminate.

    Nevertheless, I so sorry OP. ? I hope in time your heart and soul will heal. And of course, STD check.

    Why is it that good and faithful ppl always end up with a bad apple?

  10. Omg once I heard this horrible sound, my neighbor told me it happens when you overload. Immediately stopped doing that

  11. You totally should tell his wife and those not supporting must be in favour of cheating their spouses

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