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Date: September 21, 2022

8 thoughts on “VIOLETA

  1. She’s yanking your chain . If a guy was doing this, we’d say it was to keep you in line. And so it is. You sound like a patient, caring person, but you are not responsible for her to manage her mental health. She’s a bit of a user and full of excuses. All this behavior is manipulative. Get rid of this self absorbed person and find someone that’s willing to give as much as you do. Her behavior does not match up with her “trauma “ and sounds like an excuse to be an asshole.

  2. She wants to buy a house. And those question I do not know, truthfully. But with her making more money, she’s told me over and over, even in college thag isn’t an issue

  3. You've only given birth again 4 months ago, cut yourself some slack. It will get better. I felt like this and had bad PPD, but it got better when little one went to nursery.

  4. Then let her sell her new laptop. He supports her a lot from the sound of it. She’s entitled. It’s a her pronlem

  5. I apologise in advance if I’m unable to respond, but I’m trying to read comments as soon as they pop up, but I’m not seeing any, or seeing “deleted.”

  6. Years ago my brother asked me for money to help with his down payment. It was like 1500. My abusive ex freaked out, locked herself in a bathroom and said she was going to kill herself if i did it. Long story short leaving her was the best thing I've ever done.

    1500 was nothing to me and not lending my brother the money was one of the biggest mistakes I've made in my life. He has contributed massively to my business since then.

    How much do you trust your fiance? Do you want him to be happy? Can he help his friends? How much does he have saved or has he saved for your family? Do his feelings matter to you or is he just a paycheck?

    If he is unemployed or on minimum wage then it's clear this was your money but seeing as how you didn't say that…..

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