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  1. Children should be actively wanted by BOTH parents, not because one person is trying to “save the relationship.”

    Why would you ever consider marrying and having children with someone who would talk to you like this?

    And you absolutely do not need children. Having children is not a life requirement, and frankly, far too many people have children when they should never have had children. Your boyfriends reasons for wanting children are awful, and if you give in and have children just to keep your boyfriend, you are going to resent your children and they will grow up knowing they weren't wanted.

  2. That is wonderful advice, thank you kindly! Will take that to heart! Wishing you the best as well 🙂

  3. When he says “I don’t want to die without seeing my grand child” tell him that it’s awful that it’s gotten this far then ask him what he’s done to try and fix what he broke. Ask him how he intends to repair his relationship with his daughter because I’m sure he has to do that first before she’d even let him see the baby. Tell him that anything that happens between the two of them is for them to work out and that you don’t want to risk never seeing your nephew/niece because you pushed for a relationship when he’s don’t nothing to repair it.

    Find a script that works for you and shut down the conversation. Respect your sisters wishes in regards to showing him pictures of the baby etc or you might find yourself on the NC list as well. Let their beef stay between them.

    You can/should also reach out to your sister and tell her your dads been bugging you to fix the relationship, reassure that you have no intention of meddling and ask her how she wants you to proceed with pictures/videos etc…

    I’d hate to see you back here in a few months with an AITA thread about how you overstepped by showing you dad baby pictures when you were expressly told not to but he’s your dad so he has rights to see his grand baby. You’ll just be ripped to shreds.

  4. I think your expectations are to high and unreasonable.

    However on days 2-3 he stayed the night.

    This was more than enough. Unless you were critically ill and at risk of losing your life, I wouldn't expect him to spend one night there.

    I've felt so lonely here and really thought that some of my family members or my fiancé would've shown up a little more but no one did except for him.

    Of course hospital is boring. That's why you get magazines…read books, listen to music etc

    None of your family… you're own blood relatives showed up and you're putting it all on your Fiancé.

    I think you should reflect on what you said to him tbh.

    I just wanted support but not sure if it was asking too much.

    You got his support.

  5. I'm sorry, really. This is not acceptable behavior, unless you are ok with it, which from this post doesn't seem like it.

    Regardless if he's “cheating” or not, cuddling and giving foot rubs is not something someone in a serious relationship should be doing with other people. I put quotations in cheating because I would take the actions you are describing alone as cheating.

    Would you feel like is normal for a grown ass man to cuddle with his mom? If it's weird to do it with your mom, it's not friendship behavior.

    You are probably way too kind of a person, which sucks that these things happen to the best of people.

  6. I’m sober. I would think he would need to do it outside of work if he was truly addicted. When you are addicted you will go to insane lengths to get what you need and to hide it. He’s only doing it at work. The bigger problem to me is the lying. That’s my dealbreaker though. Couples therapy? It sounds as if you want this to be forever and it’s obviously not working now. Fix it which takes both of you or move on.

  7. Only if he changes it to you on Monday and shows you proof. If not then you know he wants everything to go to the brother and then you have very big decisions to make.

  8. Give yourself time to grieve the old relationship, but for the courtesy of not dragging someone into a rebound. You say it’s long term but on here sometimes that 15 years and others it’s 3 months. How long was this relationship?

  9. You aren't loose, but that's how the group will perceive you. Men talk about sex and sexual conquests just like women do, and it's obvious to everyone that you are bent out tof shape over the whole rejection. So now his shitty creepy friend is sniffing around you seeing if he can get easy sex. You can't really undo this reputation, it's best just to ghost all of them.

  10. Literally stop bashing yourself against the wall that is him not wanting to stop eating sweets. It’s not working for you. You’ve pushed yourself here.

    I’m sorry if my original reply was harsh, but this isn’t a him problem, it’s a you problem.

  11. I don't believe this fits that criteria as I never gave consent and did not have sex. It was unwanted touching and nudity. That may fall under some kind of crime, but it would ultimately come down to he said/she said and I just don't have the energy for a legal battle over it. I'll never put myself in that kind of position again, though.

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