Emmy-walker live webcams for YOU!


I, ’m feeling naughty today ? // GOAL : Get Very hot // PROMO: PVT ON 6 ! // Followme ?? [Multi Goal]

Date: October 1, 2022

9 thoughts on “Emmy-walker live webcams for YOU!

  1. He wants you to take a 50% paycut but doesn't want to share finances? You seem like a smart person, does this sound smart to you?

  2. Your username alludes to being Scottish, so I'd say give CAB a ring and see if they can assist or point you towards the available services in your area. Good luck. If you have records of how much money you've been giving, keep a hold of them.

  3. You would have to talk to Mitch about that… Typically this would be a big time no -no. However, if Mitch thinks it could be fun and you guys coordinate to do it at the same time but separately to could work. Or even at the exact same time together if you could find some creative dorky way of pulling it off… could work

    I do think that after she knows that Mitch is proposing and was planning that first your gf will understand why you don’t want to propose on the Italy trip and will likely stop pressuring you about it. I doubt she would want to steal her sister’s thunder.

  4. He threatened you because you aren't standing up for him to your parents and if you hurt his parents by calling off the wedding?! What. The. Fuck?! He is a dangerous person. Get away from him as quickly and as safely as possible.

  5. I mean… I wouldn't say it's SA, but not really something you just do in front of somebody. It does sound like she realized she had made you uncomfortable and made a conscious effort to stop.

  6. Oh, she's hitting on him, but the ball is in his court, not yours. It's up to him to let her know he's taken. If he doesn't know he's being hit on, you can tell him, which also lets him know you know. Then it's all on him.

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