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Pussy Play [GOAL MET]

Date: September 29, 2022

17 thoughts on “Tokpokkim live! sex chats for YOU!

  1. I was just having a convo with my wife that confidence is a turn her dressing sexy…initiating's a super turn on

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  4. Throw her out and break up. This is a ground ball. Don’t overthink it. Do you want someone that doesn’t love and respect you.

  5. Don't come on too strong, revealing your fetishes all at once can be a lot for people. So start with something small and build from there.

  6. From what you are saying about him seems that he isn't the toxic masculine type that surrounds him constantly. I think he is a gentle and sensitive person and that doesn't go well with the bro type people whose mentality is still stuck in highschool. I don't think you have to worry too much about him not being able to make friends with those people because he would be able to find friends just as well by himself. I don't think you can force a friendship with anyone that you can't have the same mentality and value.

  7. Because men have been programmed to think they aren’t being SAed when they are. Do you see how he thinks he cheated and is ‘doing the right thing’ dispite him being black out drunk and her being sober. This woman manipulated him and SAed him.

  8. so you have a perfect relationship, and wife wants to give you a 3some? and do it w her bff? OP dont do it…. if your relationship survives, please let us know… good luck

  9. I agree with this. I think it’s important.

    I’d like to add two things. Even if they didn’t already have a history it’s natural (& common) that a bond or connection would developed between a person in distress and their “saviour”. If ex does get help from your fiancé’s family it needs to be without his communication. Taking in her dog doesn’t just add stress and work for you but also tethers their relationship. It’s better imo, not give any reason for communication or interaction between them.

  10. Yeah I felt like it before when he was doing that with friends and social media, but then when family got brought into it I had to draw a lime. And when he started telling me that hanging out with my family is unhealthy I knew it wasn't ever going to work. My family means the world to me and I will never apologize for the relationship I have with them. They are the only ones ever there for me when things go bad and will always be there for me. I would never put anyone above them. And someone who asks me to do that is not worth my time.

  11. Why did she goes this long without a liscence & why wasnt an issue b4 kids & marriage? She should be in counseling.

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