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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. you’re right, there’s nothing wrong in loving him. But he mostly likely will be moving out of state for dental school next fall. I want to start spending time less w him so when that time comes, we can be comfortable doing long distance.

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  3. Leave it. She sounds like the sort of person who is looking less for a post-mortem she can use in her next relationship and more for the opportunity to dismantle your reasons in hopes of making you change your mind.

  4. I get that the right to choose to have a baby is heavily skewed in the woman’s favor because she is the one carrying the child in her body. And the father is kind of at the mercy of her choice – that’s just how this whole thing works. I understand being emotionally pulled my your bf’s pleas to keep the child so he can raise it. But there is so much that can go wrong with this. Never keep a baby for the other person if you do not want a child. You can absolutely be on the hook for it all the way. I get downvoted for this sometimes, but I am in favor of a parent completely giving up all rights and expectation of support. I think that evens the playing field a bit. Whether it’s the woman who wants to keep the child or the man – have the one that wants to keep it do an adoption of sorts that completely releases the other parent for any responsibility.

    Unfortunately this is not reality. And you made a choice that at any time could go very wrong and pull you back into the life of a child you never wanted. Your bf made a choice not realizing how fucking hard babies and children are and that is a life long decision. And now he’s dragging you back into it. I don’t feel you will have much of a choice if the courts do get involved. Nothing outside of either disappearing or trying to keep the line of communication open with your bf will help you much.

  5. I was talking to my longtime friend about it and he’s going over his finances to make sure he could comfortably swing moving out of his parents house. He’s a nurse so I know it won’t be a problem for him but it would be his first time living “alone”. I would love to live with him but part of me feels obligated to live! with my ex because he has no where to go and his name Is technically on the lease but I am head of household

  6. That hi and how are you it could be turn to sexual conversations oneday behind your back … would you spend the rest of your relationship with someone have could have feelings for other women ?

  7. But it should be up to the person to baby their partner. The partner should be a grown up and talk about them being unsatisfied rather than the other partner trying to get them to talk about it. Again, it's on to the cheater to talk before they cheat, not the person who will get cheated on to make sure they don't cheat.

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