ESTEFA live! sex chats for YOU!


6 thoughts on “ESTEFA live! sex chats for YOU!

  1. To you and to his kid it is not relevant if he cheated. That's a thing between him and his then-gf.

    Your kid might be questioning his dads morals later in online, but thats a possibility to learn for all of them.

  2. He threatened to harm you. If you go to him it may be a murder suicide, so stay away! If you have all this in text go to the police and get a restraining order and report everything.

  3. Gay men are repulsed by a woman in their bed. This man is not gay, he's straight vs bi, and the woman you describe is not your gf, it's his gf now.

  4. I’m confused. It’s a UTI. Bacteria got into your bladder. It’s common. It’s normal. It needs some antibiotics and he needs to wash his penis better.

    You aren’t oozing puss from a necrotic cyst or something.

    He’s tired of of YOU always feeling bad?!! Gosh. Poor baby.

    He sounds really ignorant and immature. You aren’t wrong to feel the way you do- I would as well if that helps.

    You’re sick. Really you deserve compassion, kindness and someone who will hold you and treat you extra nice until you get better. Someone who understands that UTI’s aren’t gross and bodies just do things sometimes.

    Men can also get UTI’s by the way. It’s less common but it happens.

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