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Date: September 23, 2022

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  1. My brain is too comfortable in my bed. (It might have created a bed of it's own.) I just need some time to process it. I've got ADHD too and I can't really process things as well when I'm not working like crazy.

  2. Thank you. im a Christian, and tho not as strict as they are and more open-minded, I've shut them up a few times with bible quotes. One time, mom slapped me when I did, but they never dared to challenge me again. That was a while ago tho.

  3. Yeah, sometimes people simply change their minds, and other times they tell half-truths, for example, saying you don’t want kids but in reality, you’re hoping deep down that your partner will change their mind over time. There are all sorts of situations that could be the case here. Their poor communication is only exacerbating the issue. Maybe this is just OP venting, but it sounds to me like instead of discussing the issue in a neutral setting, they are attacking each other and anticipating the other to be doing things for malicious reasons. For example, instead of trying to understand her husband’s full rationale before commenting on it, she instantly interprets it as him betraying her. OP herself says very clearly that she’s considering getting an IUD just so she can weaponize sex by making it unpleasant for him. Don’t get me wrong, it’s OK to be angry, and it’s OK to say awful things when we are venting. I don’t want to invalidate that she feels hurt — and justifiably so. But we can’t allow that anger to prevent us from having a productive conversation.

    OP, if you and your husband are unable to have an open, honest conversation about wants and needs, then try seeing a couples’ therapist. I’ve done group and family therapy, and those people are PROS at facilitating conversation. You’ll wonder how you ever made it this far in life without them!

  4. I prefer men with beards because they are not like sandpaper. That shave stubble face on my bits, no thanks.

  5. While it was very nice of you to move in to help your father combat loneliness, you're an adult and should continue living however you are comfortable. When he tells you the “proper” way to do things, just continue doing them your way. You weren't asking for his advice as far as I can tell. It's okay, and usually expected, to not be parented at almost 30!

    His unsolicited instructions isn't him talking for ridiculously long times. It's just rude. If he was just talking for long periods of time, it would be stories and discussions about things that weren't focused on your behavior. Those are the moments you “suck it up” for. But he's…just rude and maybe controlling as far as I can tell.

    And you are not responsible for someone who abused you, so if this arrangement isn't working for you, you should consider leaving. If he's behaving erratically, I think maybe he needs to see a doctor or a therapist of his own. I agree with the other commenter that seeing your own therapist in the meantime to help understand your feelings and find confidence in them is also a good idea.

  6. Just end it, you’ll end up in a weird triangle relationship with his mom or he’ll expect you to take over mothering him.

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