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Date: September 24, 2022

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  1. Dear OP, I wasn’t there so I can’t truly judge on what exactly happend, however what I said about consent and being druk is real. Get help, don’t try to get over this by yourself. If you need to tell your boyfriend do, but know that if he isn’t supportive then he isn’t the guy for you. I would expect him to be upset, however if he cares for you, he should want to help you heal. Take care and stay away from people who think alcohol is no excuse. I agree alcohol is no excuse for aggressive behaviour, abuse,… but it shouldn’t be used as “yeah you wanted it, yes you where shitfaced but you still wanted sex” alcohol lowers boundaries, boundaries that you would never cross when sober and that is why you can’t consent. However, drinking up to a point to get this drunk in an environment that isn’t safe is a huge problem as well. If I were you I would stop drinking. Especially when you’re not with people who you trust with your money and life.

  2. Just say thank you. Life is short. You may not have your mom around for as many years as you hope. Does this give her joy? Then let it be! Be grateful. Be kind. Wear the goofy stuff on occasion in front of her.

  3. Welcome to the club – i just found out my parents asked my girlfriend why she was dating me because there is nothing good about me except for my loyalty like a dog. They asked her why someone like her would want to date someone who won't be successful, rich, someone who is and not good looking. They thought she must want something from me.

    So you know. Everyone has their struggles. I would lean in to say she was at least honest with you, didn't two-face you or anything. Physical attraction is important in any relationship. So it's good she brought it up sooner than later.

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